How to choose the webmaster website program

source program two points: easy to use

source program points: powerful function to

I think most of the individual owners in their own website, change the source certainly not less than three sets, when beginning to find a source, consider what he said function is cattle, is downloaded and uploaded to the space, so in a few days, so that the source function and powerful it is better to write, but also not very much to his mind. Then, come and go, resulting in many factors, such as another source was included, snapshots stop problems such as how to upload source code before the program itself has what function? Here is to use a local test, almost all the source code to support local test, we in the local test. Look, his function of how this at a glance that this program is not suitable for their own use, have the function you want, how friendly program interface, and so on. The local test program can find beauty or not. So when he felt satisfied in the local test, and then upload space, upload time and save a lot of unnecessary trouble, ASP local test tool ASP, PHP also have their own test software.

give you a set of source code, add the article to open the three or four page, you will use it? And now is twenty-first Century, pay attention to the efficiency of the era, so cumbersome steps must be discarded. So choose a simple and easy to use, but also very practical source will give yourself when standing, reduce unnecessary waste of time. How simple? Simple is the best step that no one love do trivial things. This is why many source more and more love, to generate a key installation of a key, a key to delete such functions, which greatly reduce the US station, is a station of arrival minutes. Easy to use is not only a simple page, some people say that a single page is the most simple. I admit, but the basic function of the single page not only links, if a visitor wants to share their love to the micro-blog website, blog and so on, so it is necessary to copy the URL to the next step, I can say to you, 99% of the people are not willing to share, and the 1% is your own the. Simple time to ensure that the corresponding function is complete, simple operation steps, not simple website.

source program three points: the level of security coefficient

most of the webmaster friends to chat, I asked a question: do you think the security level of free program high? Many of my friends are answered a cinema, they said: free are generally more common procedures, with more people, but the safety factor is not how many love to play, because black friends of source code vulnerabilities, lead to more and more loopholes, and each update cycle free source program is still relatively slow, not as we update the content, updated every day, relative to said.

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