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The Shanghai business circle love the search results page of personal.

The keywords


felt nearly a week did not pay attention to the key words of the business. It is too busy because there is no time for electric business watering their Sina blog. This day in Shanghai, there are nearly 7 be startled at, independent domain name string to love Shanghai home. According to my usual thinking, if there is a keyword advertising auction, or the first few pages ranking domain names appear more, then the key words more or less have a certain value degree and the degree of business competition.

, Shanghai:

The official site of This

1, the electric business district

is provided in this paper, by Hangzhou’s leading science and technology limited company call center professional supplier www.aheadtec贵族宝贝 starting A5, reproduced please specify. Thank you

! know love 3 other questions about the business

wrote an article, "Shanghai love home – ranking business who can then squeeze?", published in my business Sina blog, then from the electric business circle game has nearly a month, has only 2 independent domain names into the Shanghai home of love. And now, all of a sudden in the 7 independent domain name. Shanghai love their own products such as Shanghai news, Shanghai love love love Shanghai encyclopedia, know these also not all shadow.

search results from multiple users to display the word business. But now? It seems to reflect the love of Shanghai.


2, love Shanghai Encyclopedia: what is

, the author thinks that the search results, compared with before the difference in user experience. Why? Because these keywords ranking independent domain name, is my old and the apple and orange site by modifying the title, keyword description tags, or keywords in the home can be placed where casually inserted several business circle. What’s more, in the absence of the content of the text within the random placement business (such as add in the title: "today you eat the" change "electric district today you eat the"). This approach is simply to tell the word search engine keyword density. However, these can really bring user meaningful content

5, social networking site: some views and comments about the business


electric district, this is by the Organizing Committee of Shanghai Longfeng fiction, can be said to be no commercial value. However, along with the crowd and users about increasing slowly, the values of the popular keywords of electricity. However, the number of all this user group is limited. Search business people, but is holding the look at the key words ranking purpose. Once the end of the game, the user search enthusiasm will slowly fade.


4, love Shanghai related news: on the business news source

and before the search results page, users can get:


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