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  • n 2016 the enterprise website optimization we need to understand the following questions

n 2016 the enterprise website optimization we need to understand the following questions


second, using the self media platform to strengthen the enterprise publicity window. 2016 Internet marketing as the Internet marketing field All flowers bloom together., a darling of the media operations in 2016 is bound to have an explosive growth, then, as an enterprise how to use our platform from the media continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the brand itself? The author thinks that the first step we should establish self media marketing platform belongs to the enterprise, then by strengthening the publicity from the media platform on their own and get a lot of loyal fans, the audience we can through the WeChat scan code to send gifts, Internet marketing to promote media accounts from us, only the continuous accumulation of high-quality fans is our self media marketing is the first step, the enterprise culture, brand image, and customer value the combination of the content creation process, the real let the media become closer between the client and the company again Do a good bridge.

third, to promote the use of Webmaster Platform soft writing. The moment any kind of marketing cannot do without marketing, can be said that marketing is the highest rate of return on investment of Internet marketing marketing, so, in.


as a qualified webmaster, site optimization process in detail is very important, so, especially in the current increasingly fierce competition in the enterprise site, whether we want to carry out work in 2016? We should stick to what? Give up what? This is one of the many Shanghai dragon er must be careful of the problem, and today I will talk about the 2016 enterprise station optimization points we should pay attention to the details.


first, continue to accumulate steadily in the original road. First we saw above the icon, the picture is on this side of Xi’an Shanghai dragon recruitment information, through the above diagram we find that Shanghai dragon salary still very awesome, but as a webmaster why we should adhere to the quality as the core content? The author found that by the end of 2015 to 2016 is destined to be the key since the outbreak of a media marketing years, as the enterprise website how we accumulate steadily in an increasingly competitive diversified marketing process, will continue in the content quality efforts, since the media in 2016 as the year of the outbreak of the derivative is whether the chicken soup article micro business marketing or do marketing from the media, is the quality of your the key to successful marketing, so I said if we continue to let the enterprise website in 2016 then, abide by force, high-quality content marketing is really Will the current enterprise, webmaster must understand that if the content of the website by the pseudo original or copy of Shanghai dragon optimization will is very people worthy of pity, in 2016 the search engine will give high weight to the original content rich website, especially the station optimization quality will be the most powerful user experience to enhance the degree of weapons.


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