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Analysis of what information grab included pictures from Shanghai love love Shanghai photo filter

The color distribution of the whole picture data

in image search results on the left, a list of screening options. The first is the picture size, love Shanghai also provided according to the preset precise size of the picture retrieval. This shows that the exact size data included in the Shanghai love image would capture and record images.



love Shanghai offers to screen images according to the characteristics of color screen, currently supports 12 colors. Through this function, we can infer that love Shanghai when included pictures, according to a certain color in the whole picture in the proportion of the threshold, the pictures in the 12 color classification, and according to the establishment of a search for users to accurately screen.

picture format;This is format picture of the movement;


we all know, mainly on the basis of the current image search is to locate text pictures of ALT and title, that is to say, when we search for pictures, pictures and text keywords location only when we search the matching pictures will appear in the search results. In addition to location words and pictures, love Shanghai will also capture images of those information? We see Shanghai love screening search, to analyze the image capture information to love Shanghai.

just saw a news on the Internet, said 360 of the image search function of beta version officially launched, so he had to use a bit. 306 image search currently supports the retrieval condition is limited to the size of the picture, the function of the relative love Shanghai image search many accurate settings, also too simple. Love Shanghai is able to provide so many picture retrieval conditions, indicating that it has established a more comprehensive picture information index database, then love Shanghai when included pictures, will capture images to facilitate users to search precisely what information the



for example, we love Shanghai in search of Christmas, there is a time of grasping the row in front of the picture basically that the love of Shanghai for the new grab picture will be in the search after the death of the default row in front of them. The other is to grab the picture earlier long time to identify a snapshot.


2. pictures capture time;

in Shanghai love image search home page click after entering the senior senior search through this interface, we can intuitively find that key words and pictures limited. At present, Shanghai love can provide JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG four format image retrieval, that is to say, love in Shanghai included pictures, picture format will be used as a point of information is grasped and indexed.

? The pixel size



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