A few notes Links exchange

4. to rival sites to find Links. Look at the other site Links, and then look at each other Links the Links. This way is quick.


1. high weight. Although the weight value of the web site is through the third party monitoring platform out, but we are in use, the authority is also good. The high score weights can be understood as the search engine on your web site, of course, the higher the better.

three. Links exchange notes

The frequency of updates

included 2. The more the number of sites included, indicating the site recognized by search engines the content is more, if the content of a web site has one thousand pages, but is included in the search engine content is only one hundred or two hundred, so this website does not belong to quality Links.

content of 4. Exchange Links with their website content is related to the. The correlation is high, positioning of the same or complementary content is, the better the effect.

The correlation between

It is self-evident Links important

3. content. If a web site often timing quantitative update valuable articles, which indicates that the owners have pay attention to this website, the Links is good.


, Xiao Bian personally think that exchange Links is Shanghai’s most important link in the chain optimization of dragon. Some people will say better than one-way links, there can be many high weight website will give you a single? And single small sites to function with your site almost chain? Some friends do not know how to do Links is effective, a few small note below to share Links exchange the.

5. chain. High quality Links is generally the number of friends of the chain chain less site, and the general quantity to be controlled in less than 30 for the best.

1. by Shanghai looking for love. Through their own search engines to find relevant keywords, to find a suitable site click go to contact the website administrator that exchange Links matters.

two. How to find high quality Links

7. snapshot date. Regularly update snapshot and snapshot date is near, that search engine often visit the site, site index was high.

3. added chain link exchange group. Add some of their website content with the same or similar QQ, YY exchange group, can be released and you want to find the chain resources inside.


keyword ranking 6. Friends of the chain link exchange website home page keywords have ranking, ranking the better.

The number of

2. Webmaster Platform release information. In the link Webmaster Platform or Friendship Exchange release link exchange information, and leave contact information, interested people will contact you.

Links the quality characteristics.


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