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Analysis analysis of Shanghai love website Webmaster Tools

this one is necessary to understand the system, and love Shanghai statistics are related, the user through what keyword search to your website will love Shanghai recorded one by one, and then put these into their love hicool up inside, so that some of the data of love friends may wish to try this.

page optimization

Oh! Love Shanghai Oh!

fell in love with the sea to index the amount collected is love Shanghai, we can see on the website we love Shanghai included all the information and the total number included in the background, some friends may ask why the number of love sea index above included number and check the webmaster tools aren’t the same? In fact don’t fall in love with the sea volume index doubt refers to the number of love Shanghai included, while the number of webmaster tools or site mode detection is the number of love Shanghai put out the article, this is their biggest difference, love Shanghai included your article but not necessarily put him out.

Webmaster Tools said something has many, today finally entered into the theme of today to tell you is that the website analysis, a program which is the core of the webmaster tools inside! Contains love sea index quantity, search keywords, grasping abnormalities, diagnosis, analysis, grasp the chain page optimization suggestions, pressure feedback, robots and other functions.

grab the abnormal

chain analysis


index fell in love with the sea in ShanghaiWhat is the !The grab the pressure? diagnosis

grab the search engine in the unit pressure.

grab the diagnosis is to put some abnormal data of your site analysis, love Shanghai official is to give 300 chances, if it is run out of run out, so please cherish the opportunity to Oh


pressure feedback


some friends may say that this is not a very important, his hair of the chain is used to analyze the sea of love? In fact, if you think it is completely mistaken, it is self-evident importance of the chain, if we want to understand their own situation to the chain of this tool is superior to the vast tools. And I think this tool chain refused this one can let those 100% malicious competitors at removing step.

about this one in fact needless to say what! This is the love of the text to the introduction of

Oh! The

refers to some unusual situations in your site can crawl out of love for Shanghai, and it is worth noting that this anomaly is very timely, if you are a qualified webmaster please don’t give it a

search keywords

function is suitable for small and medium sized individuals feel stationmaster, because this kind of webmaster for the page setting and planning and is not very good, so they depend more on this tool, I also think this is a very wrong tool


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