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Group purchase site in the station optimization and stood outside optimization

website, in the description of information, keywords is not necessary and too much, here is mainly to introduce the group purchase website, the website is to let customers know about the things inside, know what is the site to buy, that can be written as: love group is a credit group purchase website, is the Ji’nan area professional group purchase website.

a large number of external links, can send the weight of relatively high site, of course, to the original, the link in the blog, there is exchange links, and related industry website >

3. websiteKeywords keywords

group purchase website optimization, is mainly divided into two parts, the station optimization and stood outside optimization.

website, is to correspond to potential customers in the search box enter the words, or to love group as an example, love group keywords is Ji’nan | Ji’nan Ji’nan shopping network group purchase group purchase | Ji’nan discount, the customer want to search for words in keywords.

group purchase mode is introduced China online shopping, quickly spread quickly in Chinese. Because the group purchase website construction threshold is very low, and his profit model is simple and fast, so it is a lot of money to people sought. Especially since the group purchase website CMS system, every day the group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, of course, every day there are a number of group purchase website collapse. This is the reason why, out of business, financial and other issues, it is a question of the website itself. Do a website, a website operator, to promote and optimize the site, at least to others in the search for relevant keywords, try to find you in front of the site. This will bring high flow, there will be customers, markets, and vice versa.


station optimization:

4. website description informationDescribe the information description

The website of

site optimization:

2. title:


1. Page of the website to meet a group purchase website image, with some warm tone or background, the overall structure of the site should be reasonable and clear, can do it freely, with no dead links, do not enter the page will not come back.

title, is very important, you need to let love Shanghai remember you, then you have to let love Shanghai know your name, want to consider the popular keywords, but also attach importance to the optimization of general keywords, the general is the best area + group purchase group purchase. For example, 贵族宝贝idongtuan贵族宝贝, love group (Ji’nan group purchase website), it can title is love – Ji’nan group purchase group purchase.

Keywords keywords

group purchase station basically is all these things, what if there is a supplement or is not the right place, please point out, learn from each other.


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