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2014 Shanghai dragon we are forced to upgrade or automatic switch

is search engine along with new period network environment and Shanghai Longfeng speculation are widely spread, enhance and improve its search technology and ranking mechanism no ground for blame. After all, the new era of high-speed expansion based on large data networks, search engine retrieval mechanism need more intelligent and fair, in order to ensure its high recognition and user search results of search engine. After some grassroots Shanghai dragon Er, just rely on tips and ways to get over "speculation" technology ranking gone for ever, for those who only have shallow knowledge network Shanghai Longfeng staff development space is narrow, will gradually lose their jobs, eventually facing to the risk. In fact, any one industry are the survival of the fittest, and the inferior edge of the Shanghai Dragon technology personnel will get a broader space for development.

search engine at the beginning of the new year, indicating that the 2014 love Shanghai ranking algorithm will still in the dramatic changes in evolution. This year the Shanghai love is cruel, love next year in Shanghai may be more cruel, this is for many Shanghai dragon Er, is not a good thing. Review the website optimization before 2012, whether it is still low level high, as long as diligent, willing to work, willing to work, what the content of pseudo original, what Links, what the chain a lot of hair, as long as you have enough work, eventually will be able to carry on to the site keywords. However, with the love Shanghai release the original plan and Scindapsus algorithm, the website of Shanghai dragon by free sharing era look into the new space. Since the website optimization threshold and improve the transient, if you are a Shanghai dragon Er, without time and pains, you optimize the site, it is difficult to have obvious effect.

Update the

2014 at the beginning of this year, around the Shanghai dragon whether the survival of topic wavewave, many grassroots Er Shanghai Longfeng puzzled and confused about the future of Shanghai dragon. As the search engine market share only big love Shanghai, change the ranking algorithm affects hundreds of million website traffic, but the horse spring festival, careful friends will notice, love Shanghai ranking algorithm three days a small change, a week, followed by many web site keywords ranking was floating, website traffic to students will be reduced, the time affects countless webmaster heart. Some site maintenance the author also appeared the site keywords fluctuation and fortunately did not decrease significantly.

maybe the reality is so cruel, death is not in the process of reform, to seek development in the transformation, the remaining Er Shanghai dragon must constantly learning and understanding search engines and adapt to new rules of the game, to their level and ability to upgrade and pull up. Wise Shanghai dragon Er will choose to use the brain, thought, study, practice, thinking and evolution of the future direction of the search engine really master, let yourself go in the forefront of this brutal game game. We can better live, and to live very well! The Bai strong network marketing: 贵族宝贝zz155贵族宝贝/ original edit reprint copyright link.


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