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Artificial intelligence A and optimization of future changes in Shanghai Dragon

, join a new company immediately die. Some Shanghai dragon in the original company is doing well, but to a new company, started to work, the original flow of the site should be optimized to be K out of his. One important point is that Shanghai dragon entry did not understand before the update frequency of the company’s Web site, suddenly the day according to the update frequency of at least one article began to update, update frequency mutation data touch anti cheat system, leading up to the critical point threshold, be punished;

six, click on the effect of adjusting the right algorithm directly. Through the intervention of the user behavior in return, can only lead to a persistent user behavior making false, once stopped by the anti cheat system caught by mutation data. So this road is a medicine can not stop, but the scene is infinite, end of hell.

five, use the software to mass outside the chain of failure. Before a lot of mass links by software company, because the new algorithm line of the chain do not understand the cause effect is reduced by 1/4, mistakenly think that the chain has no effect, color is the chain of value has been divided into more different categories. In addition to the chain weight difference values obtained is different.

get ranked three, click through the software. Some Shanghai dragon itself that click on the ranking, ranking dropped, and then click on the mistaken competitors can also pull down the competition ranking, the results not only did not pull down, but let the higher ranking, ranking itself squeezed down, the Dragon Phoenix does not understand the love inside Shanghai the rules, just rely on itself to infer the optimization problem is unavoidable;

love Shanghai company founder Robin Li once said that love in the media Shanghai daily average line 17 to 18 new algorithms, but most of these new algorithms with Shanghai dragon has nothing to do, but there are also some algorithm has a direct relationship with the Shanghai dragon, many Shanghai dragon because the new algorithm dead love Shanghai upload the. Today I’ll share with you all in Shanghai dragon’s death.

adjustment algorithm

two, according to the original operation had no effect. Before some Shanghai dragon through the station, obtained from Shanghai to love a very large flow. But love Shanghai combat stations on the line after the algorithm is identified, these sites are the same company, led to the failure of the old station group method.

Click on the right

four, Links leads to high threshold switching. Love Shanghai link quality of the new algorithm on the line, a lot of Shanghai dragon has no need for the site to update, that only need to add Links enough, the triggering of the anti cheat system, leading to the original ranking website. The new algorithm provides that if the website of the other side does not have any data change, only Links changes can be convicted of cheating, will increase the threshold, the threshold reaches a critical point, will be punished, some people are not punished because they do not reach a critical point.


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