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From the data analysis to improve the conversion rate of wedding photography website

data from the statistical chart can clearly see that love and know Shanghai forum can bring some actual flow, which is the extension of the results and answer promotion forum. Compared to the love sea flow is small, but each forum is soft, carefully planned, can play a good role of brand promotion, then can strengthen this work properly. For this kind of wedding photography service nature of the industry, the brand’s influence can not be ignored.

PV directly reflects the user experience of the website, the website can be seen from the figure 10 in the morning and 3 p.m. there are two peaks, is the time to work, can explain the views of each customer site or can. But there is room for improvement, such as increasing the forum "

can be seen clearly, "guest" photographer film appreciation "blog" and "guestbook" "price list" the column page and the content page access rate and residence time is the highest.

site UV/PV data

3, But the

page analysis by

gave Chongqing a wedding photography website of Shanghai dragon has been three months, adhere to the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s strategy. Shanghai dragon only from the point of view, to bring the effect is very ideal, core keywords originally proposed, such as the Chongqing wedding photography, wedding photography studio in Chongqing… Keywords this area can be very good to occupy the home.

Visit the

problem, keywords ranking does not mean to bring actual customers, e-commerce sites will eventually have to return to the conversion to the above, the conversion rate directly influences the website marketing results. Today I share with you how to analyze data, adjust the website marketing strategy.



2, website


the second page price has a high degree of concern in the web site. This is related to the keywords ranking, focus on the content of customers as well. The price of the page needs to be updated under the preferential information in the later stage, strengthening in the form of pictures.


website source analysis

second, as a photographer in the early blog, compared to other sites, more innovative. The photographer blog recommended on the home page and the article page has, can bring higher return. But the problem came out, the photographer blog update frequency is low, the need to communicate with the studio, allowing photographers to focus on the content of the web site update.

first, today’s data source is very simple, statistics directly on the website for free to view, this station is cnzz.

first, visual image itself stays more easily than text, so the wedding photography website in the picture has a higher scan rate is also very easy to understand.


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