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A5 optimization team tell you special maintenance station

3. based on Web log analysis spiders crawl rules, then according to the crawling preferences to adjust the unreasonable structure of the site, but also should stand in the user’s point of view, what kind of website structure is convenient for the user’s reading habits.

1. website daily updates to the core keywords around the site of the content, can be derived from, blog, forum, search love Shanghai and some quiz platform user questions, if the site weight is relatively high to write some a little hot point to write, which is related to search low occurrences of the word love sea is the best choice, but if it is new, it is from the long tail keywords of competition to write some small, slightly points of words, which also can improve the weight of the site itself, such as web site a little weight with the flow again to do those big words.

3. when writing an article to write some high quality content, to the best original, but it is not to say, is the only original high quality content, but that the article must have substantial content, if only the original, but there is a little useful content, the user cannot see any valuable information, so this article is also a failure, the high quality of the articles are not. On the contrary, if you can, pseudo original a very valuable content, so that the so-called original even better than you.

daily maintenance and optimization of

4. although now for this website keyword density requirements are not too high, but we will still be in writing a little note, in general, keyword density remained at 3% to 5% is better, which is generally 800 word article.

Understand the basic situation of

1., first of all to clarify the basic orientation of the website, this website is to know what to do, is to see which user groups, this website can provide users with information such as what

usually need to pay attention to what the daily maintenance stations, believe that the old webmaster is very clear, but the old owners also came from the novice transformation, therefore, A5 webmaster team Shanghai Longfeng still found it necessary here with you again this question, because in to the customer at the time of diagnosis, it met a lot of such problems, although the humble, feel should not occur, but they still made such mistakes or.

2. through the tool to view the site, understand the general situation, such as: website ranking, included, snapshots, links, right down records, keyword distribution and density, flow and regularity of these spiders to crawl the most basic information necessary to understand.

2. update website content, of course can not be completely set a dead time, which requires the update can be induced to over a period of time, if every day is the morning post, then do not go in the afternoon, the best able to update the content in a period of time every day at noon.

The best timing quantitative The basic information of website


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