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Eight may affect the revision types of Shanghai Dragon

add new content blocks, should consider the correlation of new content with the overall content of the website, whether there is a need to increase.

CMS is a content management system, using the new CMS, is a big change, it will have a big impact. If you need to replace the CMS, must do a detailed analysis on the old and new CMS in Shanghai Longfeng advantages and disadvantages, and after the replacement of the CMS record, tracking analysis, attention of the influence of the website after the replacement.

The 5, using the new CMS

tag changes 3, modify the URL structure of


2, change the domain name

4, change the navigation / menu system

has changed what types will affect the site of the Shanghai dragon, the next Xiaobian one by one.

site URL may affect the ranking, for the change to do a record. In addition to do 301 redirection, URL may produce a large amount of 404 pages, these pages to check and remove the entrance and use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools operation is very necessary. But remember, not to cannot but time, don’t move url.

is on the page link or create a new mobile link system, the main navigation changes, link structure of the web site will in most cases affect the weights of the page flow and distribution, they might also affect the included on the new page. So for some relatively large changes, it is best to separate, to reduce the risk brought by the website.

three label changes is relatively common, three labels refer to title, keyword, description. There is too much influence small changes will not, if significant changes, such as changes in the number of pages, keyword substitution may cause a large area, keywords ranking drop, which led to the decline in traffic.

1, three

many sites may be due to the website design is not scientific, not beautiful, or the need for upgrading the functions of website revision of the website, but the website brings the effect of light caused by the flow of short-term fluctuations, while the search engine K station, so the website must be careful, especially big changes, like even the content the type of change, such as by the catering industry diverted the weight loss industry, proposes to make a stand, or recovery may not be so fast.

this may have a significant effect, should record the domain switching time, tracking and analysis of good days after. Also remember to do a 301 redirect, undertake the weight of old domain name, as far as possible to minimize the loss.

Before the

6, for the website to add new content blocks, function, options


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