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Analysis of love and how it can help you in your Shanghai snapshot keyword

we can see the related contents in the snapshot page not only page, there are also some keywords bold, yellow background markers, these keywords we search into this is a snapshot of the key words. So what is the role of the words of these markers for us? The reason is very simple, as long as we use these words can touch clear keywords our competitors is how the layout of the page and the number of occurrences of keywords, keyword which will be good for our analysis of competitor data base.

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Sun Tzu have cloud "the enemy battle", it is very clear to us, but how to use the limited resources in Shanghai dragon competition to know it is a problem worth thinking about. Today I will share my love in Shanghai how to use the snapshot page layout to "understand the key words".

page We can know the number of

if you observe carefully, you will find that when we search for any keyword, in each search result has a corresponding snapshot link love Shanghai. When we click the links directly into the snapshot page. As shown in the figure below for a webmaster network home page snapshot page.

but at this point we can analyze our snapshot, if some content that cannot be displayed in the snapshot, then we can say.

tells the layout of competitors



we need to know about the love of Shanghai snapshot on the Internet every open search engine spider site will generate a temporary cache in the corresponding search engine on the server and stored in this server. A recent snapshot of hot topic is love, Shanghai and the 360 "3B" war, love will enter the sea in search of love from the 360 Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar know love love Shanghai service request to love Shanghai search page. While the 360 counter measures is directly to the address of your server on the page to snapshot. Return to the topic, since we have a certain understanding of the snapshot, so snapshot of how in key words help us know


we know the effect of spider crawling for key factors there are many, but we all know that flash and JS are not conducive to the crawling, page size may also affect the spider crawling efficiency (Note: the page size does not affect the search engine page to grab and included, but the search will give up the spider crawling beyond the page size limit the content).

in addition to rival keywords and how to arrange, we can open the page, look at the competition is how to mark these keywords, such as font color, keyword bold, italic style title, and so on, all these can be used as a reference for our site.


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