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Due to recent love Shanghai K station speculation

1. love Shanghai is strong outwardly strong but inwardly weak

understand the working principle of search engine knows that search engine is one of the most consumption of storage space. Known as a "snapshot" of the search engine is downloaded to the storage space of the page. Chinese inland webmaster preferred love Shanghai search engine optimization. If you love Shanghai search engine to have a better user experience, then expand the storage space to speed its "growth rate is proportional to the overall and Chinese internet. This is the hardware on the great pressure on any search engine. Love Shanghai more powerful, it can be extended speed Internet pages and Chinese the overall growth rate of PK? In the internal company of Shanghai Longfeng technology and I discuss this issue, my colleagues have been questioned. The reason also has certain rationality, not here to introduce you to.

1. love Shanghai so powerful, expand the hard disk space for love this kind of thing Shanghai in technology and finance should is not a problem.

love Shanghai is to rely on competitive fishing a lot of money, but the money he did what? For improved search engine technology is? I see no, otherwise how can in a short span of two months was 360 students to 7>

hard disk space to expand love Shanghai, convenience and certainly there is no problem. The main financial and energy is not necessarily a problem.

love Shanghai is the earliest Chinese search engine, it is the first to occupy the market advantage. The majority of users to develop a "love Shanghai. You know". The user experience is less than love Shanghai Sogou search engine, search on the search engine data update rate is inferior to Tencent’s love of Shanghai. As everyone knows, is a private hospital in Chinese keep love Shanghai, this is the love of Shanghai is better than other search engines, it is also a key. The cost of bidding of the private hospitals are hit to love Shanghai, this is the love of Shanghai can be proud of the spring, and the pressure of national health care reform, medical reform policy will affect the medical industry, medical reform. The medical profession is love Shanghai nurse! If the government moved its nurse, it can do


the above two questions my recommendation reason is justified, then I also questioned the above two reasons. Look down:

since May this year, Shanghai love search engine every half a month on a high speed. But the adjustment is large. The K station has reason although the official account, but its performance and the "love Shanghai official account" quite different. The love of Shanghai K station have become the hot topic in Shanghai Longfeng work. I also have several of his own ideas and your analysis. I love that internal Shanghai K station is the "storage hardware very close to saturation, the snapshot storage space has not tolerate more pages".


2. search engines can continue to remove old data, in order to optimize the storage structure and storage space of their own.


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