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Love Shanghai grab pure text links Lee said Shanghai Longfeng chain construction rules

because the user cannot enter the text point to the URL address of the page by clicking directly, can be directly used for the reverse link in the definition of "target document (web page)" reverse link function, so it has been the role of Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai Longfeng plain text URL address is generally not optimistic about.

love Shanghai search engineer Lee text URL site to answer questions

but there is no denying that this text URL address a specific page effectively increases the exposure rate, there must be user access to specific pages by copying and pasting way — as long as our content to help him. In this sense, the pure text URL address is indeed realized indirectly "point to a target document (web page)" reverse link.

in March 31st, love Shanghai Adsense club love Shanghai search engineer Lee webmaster reply text link question said: "the text links URL address, love Shanghai will find it an URL address and the address corresponding to the URL address to grab". His reply that pure text authority URL address has lead spider found love Shanghai and enter a unknown web access, grasp the chain function.

loves Shanghai and other search engines can accurately identify the pure text URL address

in the text URL address can issue is love Shanghai grab "get a clear answer, the webmaster next question" text links URL address, whether (love Shanghai) will give the corresponding URL address on the weight of it "and" Lee "on this question answer further revealed a more pure text URL address Shanghai Longfeng meaning and the chain should be how.

for the majority of owners and the Shanghai dragon ER, this is really an exciting good news, which means that you can choose to send the chain a larger space.

and, in the website optimization in practice we find that the input text URL address corresponding to the search box in Shanghai love, if love Shanghai not included in this page, Shanghai love will return "sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access (the URL) show". Due to the above reasons, the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER concluded that the spider can love Shanghai plain text recognition URL address, URL address text also has certain effect on the website of Shanghai dragon, can increase the specific web site is mainly concentrated in a wider range of exposure.

but on the whole, Shanghai dragon ER understanding of the text URL address basically is still in the "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint" point, this link love Shanghai encyclopedia "chain" entry "(text URL address) even was collected, useful for Shanghai, whether we can make nothing of it?" doubts on behalf of the general webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER doubts on this issue.



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