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Analysis of how to select keywords keywords and conversion rate of flow


recently found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er novice do not know your site is to do traffic or do the conversion, some website traffic up but no conversion rate, some sites are clearly to conversion rate, but do not flow, the conversion rate, conversion rate and flow to some sites, with the know your final destination, that can be two-way results included, bounce rate increase, the site is down right now Wu Xiaohua, to analyze how to choose keywords and flow conversion rate of

if your site goal is to sell products or services that will sell, conversion rate, some people think that as long as the flow up, there will be a natural conversion rate, this view is wrong, because the flow rate and conversion rate, for example, I was selling weight loss products, the key word is me to lose weight, slimming products, slimming, slimming method, best slimming products, slimming products, the most effective weight loss drug list, in these words which is easier to convert a point, it is obvious that the "best weight-loss products" and "the most effective weight loss products, there is certainly very bad some Shanghai dragon ER and flow and conversion rate of the final results, because if you do a traffic conversion rate is not up, you know your ultimate goal is how much the conversion rate, but not much traffic, so, If you choose some high conversion rate of keywords can promote product sales. When your boss asks you how much time to achieve the conversion rate or to sell many products this month, but you still do traffic, then you will not reach the goal, because you still think the flow up the conversion, and we correct method is to do more high conversion rate of words in general, enhance the turnover rate, we choose the conversion rate of the words are all need to dig the long tail keywords, then what is more the conversion rate of long tail keywords, such as "slimming products" and "the most effective weight loss products, which targeted a bit, of course is the latter, say" the most effective weight loss products and "the most effective topical slimming products" which is more conversion point? It is the latter, so we consider when choosing the keywords must know your site is in order to flow or target The conversion rate for the target, some.

first, you have to know what your website is to target advertising is sold, or sell products, if the advertising is sold, it is clear to flow, for example, industry station, B2B station, station to station information, the movie is traffic, this type of website is not required to transfer the flow rate, the higher the better, the choice of keywords can be directly is the industry, the keywords, core keywords, such as industry I make the food machinery industry and can be used directly to the "food machinery" as keywords to optimize their website, or, for example, I make the movie station, my words may direct movies, the latest movie, the movie network for keywords, as long as the keyword flow more words you have to do is, the more people search words (film Related words) is the key you want to select, but Note that these keywords to your site and is related to the.


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