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Keywords Keywords VS repeat keywords span layout

Qingdao iseefair industry and Trade Co Ltd __XX

Peng Jinjie Shanghai dragon has been for a long time, also analyzed the situation a number of sites in Shanghai dragon, the above 2 kinds of circumstances have seen many. Of the 2 cases can be said to have advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, there are a large number of Web sites But

for example 2 different page keywords layout:


2 Title repeat Keywords: Qingdao iseefair Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. and job search. Since the second appeared in the name of the company, and is already a company homepage, you can in the first title in the name of the company or the removal of simplified company name; as for the "job search" this keyword can be removed completely. Then we can in the title layout more similar meaning words, a key to increase the number of words, on the other hand, is also conducive to the promotion of related keywords and keyword density, to increase and improve the flow of keywords ranking, therefore, we can write: "/p>


from Shanghai Longfeng angle and get traffic situation, Peng Jinjie is more inclined to the second "breadth" layout. Because it can help you get a lot of different site keywords, so in order to get keywords ranking and flow a lot, this is our main target of Shanghai dragon er.


Peng Jinjie at the beginning of this article first explain the keyword breadth and the keyword repetition is what mean.

for example:

Qingdao iseefair Trading Co. Ltd. _ recruitment job search _XX

breadth refers to a page in the layout of a large number of different keywords (3-4 or more).

Keywords: recruitment job search There are more than

Wine Sales Specialist _ Wine salesman recruitment recruitment -XX


this form is why in use,

Peng Jinjie think there are 2 possibilities:


repeat the same words in a number of different pages appear (of course, we are here to top off the name of the site, because the general site will be on the same page layout with the web site name, this is to highlight the website brand name). Keywords here I have said repeatedly to separate the keywords or keyword density, which is on the same page layout in the same words.


Here is Peng Jinjie ?

Wine sales specialist of Qingdao iseefair Trading Co. Ltd. – -XX

1. is simply don’t understand or not to the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon into consideration, no analysis and good layout of key words.



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