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Analysis on how to break the blockade of Shanghai love hospital web site conversion rate increase

because the hospital website itself there are factors of audit is relatively difficult, but also related to people’s life and health, so many departments of the national hospital website have carried out strict examination, but the Internet and traditional industries are significantly different, while money sticks are often able to play a more important role, such as some the hospital website through the purchase of space in foreign countries, and then spend big price to love Shanghai auction, thus obtained natural ranking will be more in front, if the hospital website qualification is very good, but also the Never mind, many of these hospitals are indeed very poor quality, are often some small private clinics, so now the love for Shanghai this aspect of the hospital website in PPC has started on the strict audit, this will also affect the normal hospital website, for example Included in the content of the


: must be professional, the patient must be professional services

three: good content, comprehensive multi >

! !

for the hospital website, the content is very important, the content of the article for the issues related to the accuracy of the solution, whether professional, consumers are often able to determine the degree of recognition of the hospital website, of course, the writing does not require that each article is very serious, the content seems to be very heavy, can also be discuss some topics such as how to maintenance, health and so on, through these lively and accurate content, so that consumers feel become useful on the site! So you can easily get a good user experience! Nature also can help you get a better flow conversion rate of


hospital website design process, to their ability to consider the problem, do not take out their own can not solve the case, to deceive users, nor can the hospital and their related content on the site, looks like a hodgepodge, in short, the hospital site to be successful, the first the premise is that professional content, professional service! And for the page design, to the spirit of professional, rigorous, careful, simple style, do not do the garish


this time the hospital website how to break the blockade of Shanghai love, let the hospital website and send out the youth vigor? That is to do the internal strength of the practice, and usually do internal strength practice, as long as the following four aspects, we can achieve attractive and professional hospital website! Also can improve the site conversion rate of flow

actually want to put the website operation to the hospital, a website as a hospital, every user to consult, to the site as God, don’t like public hospitals that treat patients like winter cruel, deal with the leadership as warm as spring like, must be careful to answer user the problem, designed the site, will be in patients with a responsible attitude, so that it can make the user a good reputation to promote the hospital the conversion rate of

two: persuasive promotion content and rigorous degree of


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