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‘ll give you directions to Shanghai Dragon Friends

himself this time built a group, found many problems, some people always doubt me constructive purpose, well the fact that the white buildings I also hope to communicate, learn more knowledge, I know they are not those who have the success of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix had a be struck dumb the Shanghai dragon skills, or have a good family spend stand! But I know I have a heart of others don’t have to learn from the heart, I hope the Shanghai dragon all the staff need a heart to learn, because the Shanghai dragon changes so fast that we can’t even imagine. In the group I saw a lot of people are suspicious of their work, and even can not find the direction, so today I will have to sum up the ideas, tell you what to do, what should be avoided

who we are?

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in the second there are many people complained about is that our website I can not change, I cannot determine the operating direction of the site as a whole, only under the leadership of the arrangement, and then optimize. We all know the website optimization direction is Shanghai Longfeng personnel must see, even if we are not clear direction, but also to listen to others, or simply do not understand the optimization of the arrangement, then the work is very painful, at this point we need to like our boss, we elaborate or leadership the idea of seeing this will certainly be a lot of people say, "don’t mention it, our boss is a eunuch, arbitrary selfish! He can’t listen to my advice." In fact, from this point we want to know is how to convince him, if we have faith, have a certain ability, then he is spending income ratio is the fastest method of persuasion. Because the boss is always concerned about the interests, if you can use the 10>

maybe a lot of people see this will laugh at me and say, this is what you mentioned, it feels like is a fool, indeed this problem very silly, very naive, but you think, who are you? What are your position in all site operations team? As far as I know, the status of every staff in Shanghai Longfeng company is not the same, Shanghai dragon personnel say some medical websites, their work, some industry personnel Shanghai dragon can not imagine, their workload is very angry Daejin head jieshe, reasons for this this is also the industry of Shanghai Longfeng seriously, because we all know that love Shanghai promotion most of its income from the pharmaceutical industry, from this point we can see that they are in this piece of work is how, But there are some other companies, the company staff Shanghai dragon is only a company executives think not essential staff. And some other large Shanghai Longfeng company, optimize the staff also or other large sites, they enjoy the treatment, and to mobilize the resources are limited, we started to look for what is in this company in what position, we need to know exactly how many resources are able to call.



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