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About the details of Guangdong hopeboat investment response advertising allianceTalk about personal

        as for Hongbo holdings investment advertising alliance www.vads.cn the advantage of holding response is our brand capital team and our firm belief and sustained and stable operation, and actually continue to prove what we do say.

the IT media learned through strategic investment Hongbo network advertising alliance www.vads.cn, have made our understanding of the details, we pack over the amount of investment, development plans, and merger and acquisition targets and so on.

                a lot of friends in the industry in a number of forums to discuss the strategy of our rationality and feasibility, there are now so many friends questioned the advertising alliance, we do advertising alliance is overblown; a friend encouraged according to the Shanghai 2006 AD:TEACH meeting international nearly more than 20 online advertising business, the company listed on the Nasdaq, including 1 in Hongkong, 3 in Taiwan, 6 in Japan, and there is no Chinese advertising companies industry need some capital and the strength of the company to fill the gap.

              Hongbo holdings investment advertising alliance www.vads.cn is not a matter of expediency, before holding the investment in Hong Bo nearly a year of market research and preparation, has hired by headhunting technical and market core staff from Shenzhen well-known Internet companies, and the advertising Alliance www.vads.cn and copyright, company’s existing content, the wireless business at the same time as its core business, now the company contact cooperation in the frequent start with its peers, ready for the next period of mergers and acquisitions pre bedding.

4, forum class site. This kind of site is mixed divers old users, they have a sharp, look! They want to rely on money! You want to turn, think of ways, in addition to join the alliance, can find their common characteristics, the formation of the user, to pick up the advertising list

      about the details of mergers and acquisitions wave holdings also some response, 2006 really contacted many companies Hongbo holdings, mergers and acquisitions for both sides will detail finally choose a public sign, at the same time, the proposed Admin5 graph king TK4479 is not holding the acquisition amount including Hongbo also made in response, TK4479 is the information acquisition of our system with the Bo brothers, the amount of detail is not convenient to disclose, and our relationship is Hongbo information system with the brothers, Hongbo information is a very good.

makes money based on big traffic on the web, whether it’s an alliance or a monthly ad. In short, traffic and IP is a prerequisite for making money. Those who cheat are not in the discussion. If the flow is not large, I suggest you do not advertise, suffer a loss not to please.

2, Download class site. This kind of site to apply for SMS union such as the money in less and less! Because of this kind of website for the group is very clear, recommended to take advertising list directly to businesses, there are also a lot of income for a month! Pick list way, on, on, you can also go directly to the network find Qiuzu advertising trading platform, advertisers, advertising their own rental information.

1, entertainment sites. Including FLASH, music appreciation, because these groups are mostly for young students, young people, like the site to apply for SMS Union more appropriate, as the access amount, can have 100 million — to the monthly income.

trading platform!

3, URL site. This kind of site visits are good for the group is mixed, but for many Internet cafes or net age is not high, it is easy to listen to your words, so you can in the website greatly recommended to earn money Union, regardless of what the message, friends

do stand, in order to make money, this is understandable problem, of course, is not absolutely absolute, this problem here I do not go to the bottom. To do the station is to make money, but not all standing can earn money. So, for individual grassroots, do what sheep stand in order to make money, the following for everyone to analyze some. Writing is not good, rookie look, master float.



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