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Cock wire entrepreneurs cash flow statusAn Entrepreneur Financing yarn a visit to the Lama Temple on

2. indulge in self-admiration, hold to pride, too much faith in your ability to accept any help.

6. lip-service, Yangaoshoudi, commitment to bubble, a crisis of confidence, but also refused to bow and scrape.

1, financing specifically for the master, count the angel wheel is still difficult,

T Jun company actually has about 7 years of history, the early small team basically maintained at 10 people.

T gentleman, constantly to the VC open the mailbox to throw, just over half a year with the exception of a few appointments, most of the rest is dog meat – back.

They also started to do BP

can let cock silk entrepreneurs temporarily scenery only a turnover Sales, everyone talk about "Li" pale. For example, I can put the annual turnover to more than six digits, or temporarily can not change the status of the individual fixed deposits are poor and blank, no more than 5 digits. A more than 40 flat, 3000 yuan a year to rent the office, but also think, from the geographical location, the appreciation of housing renovation, configuration, ease of use, decorate the difficulty, many aspects of the idle loss persuade stubborn landlord prices to 2800 turnover. So you can come up with a lot of data to seduce you so-called masters, are big liar, making money, which is so easy?.

with a number of customer relations good, T Jun will continue to harass them, I hope they can give the company to make a valuation, service for several years, technology and character are unquestionable.

But according to

today we share a friend, T Jun’s entrepreneurial episode, their company has completed the A+ round of financing, is currently preparing for the B round.

Abstract: his A round of financing is opened in Zhongguancun on the eve of the street, "said a lot of people do not believe, big time, people start to catch up with the national innovation, we find the tune VC and PE get the door broken. The most exaggerated week, we received 6 consecutive investment institutions." He has said beam with joy.

C company is a listed company, the head of the merger and Acquisition Department has read their case and is a long-term supplier, and promised to seriously consider it… The final result is that they hope to acquire them wholly. T, don’t do it. Buy it though you can


I go private gentleman read less, Mr. T is at least a computer graduate, I believe the monsters and freaks of all descriptions.

looked at other people’s companies, one by one to get a lot of money, the company expanded, income turned over, do not know how many times, a few people itch.

1. has no or no recognition, no use background, connections, connections, resources, funds, less writers, supporters.

4. has no capital partners, let alone, hands-on, but not decentralization.

I liquidated the customer arrears, and other mixed accounts, have the possibility of recovery of friends to borrow money. Tianjin is currently only a network company debt can also Taobao loans, but they can only continue to seal the company’s audit accounts owed. From the XXX network technology company received more than 1600, from various accounts of the balance of all small to Alipay, finally ask Jianlong to the 500, just 6000 pieces fix. But pride is too early, there are nearly hundred yuan interest. At this time, finally stretched out, 100 yuan stumped hero, fortunately, universal close girlfriend, quietly take the initiative to turn 100, rescue me in distress. Finally, 23 night in advance one day to pay off the Taobao loan, but also saved 3 yuan interest, and next time and quietly meet, must buy a rose.

during that time, T Jun, a few of them really beg grandpa Sue grandma, that is, no VC said to vote for them.

T about a year ago Jun, their company is completely different, looking back today, think of some interesting people and things, share out, in addition to comfort myself, also hope that the entrepreneurial friends read some insights.

first showed my definition of cock wire Entrepreneur:

5. often has a headache for cash flow, even if it’s 6000 or even 200.

3., vanity is strong, especially good face, exaggerated exaggeration of the "industry", fear of losing the attention of people around and confidence.

B buddy answer is relatively simple, their company is not big, investment in such a small team, the boss needs to direct, and so on, slowly,

A company friends responded that the company’s current strategic investment department head with their own difficulties, it is difficult to open the mouth, let T Jun to other places to see;

holds several buddies in the company’s thigh, earning nearly 3 million a year.

September 24th is the repayment date of Taobao loans, causing the old horse Taobao loan is not on, just like the bank credit card is not as trouble, and even affect the operation of the shop. Prior to the horse borrowed $6000 for emergency turnover, No. 22 when Alipay balance of nearly 2000, 23 Taobao payment orders some there are still many gaps, even girlfriends have to worry about me. Although after June frequent outings, personal consumption has also spent several 6000 pieces, but need to repay the loan when you can not get a complete 6000, anxious beauty and heroes.

, "BP" is very good, and it has been specially signed to the Lama Temple. It is said that although the process is tortuous, there must be a future." "T," said the king.

removes seven or eight employees’ fixed salary expenses, takes out 200 thousand of the Spring Festival every year, pays out bonuses to employees, and then digs out some piecemeal expenses, and the 3 founders pour the moisture every year.


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