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Tactics of reverse thinking to earn advertising feesFish beginner is not to make money attitude and

3: good bye, ideal

, to understand what type of earning his own advertising, since it is earn advertising fees, all kinds of advertising model to study the current popular, so make it easy. The advertisement is mainly divided into four types: 1, fixed advertising: advertising, billing by time; 2 CPC per click advertising: advertising billing; 3, CPA advertising: according to each guide advertising billing, such as registration, message, download; 4, CPS advertising: advertising according to the billing for each purchase.

regardless of any industry has the novice and veteran, has winners and losers. Now Wangzhuan industry has increasingly become the focus of people talking about the topic, there are more and more people joined the industry, some people choose to join it as a full-time to do Wangzhuan, and some people choose to take it as a part-time job to do wangzhuan. Either way, there’s money earned and nothing earned. What determines whether we make money and do not make money, is the mentality, or mind, is diligent, or luck, today a fish with its own instance of joining the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice to talk about why sigh not money problem! I hope this paper can be recognized

1: new

the fish just contact Wangzhuan industry at the beginning of 09, in fact, is the wave of the late contact. That afternoon I was bored beside the computer browsing the web, open the 123, I suddenly saw it above a specific text ads, what is not clear, it is said that the Internet can easily make money writing AD, out of curiosity click look. I did not expect that this point really decided my occupation today! Click to enter the page after I found is an introduction to what Wangzhuan station, but still above a lot about how to do, what is the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan article. In a study of reading, I think it is discovered a new continent with excitement, it is so easy to make money online. The second day I registered N a very popular then click Wangzhuan station, and then began the crazy month AD click trip. But a month later, I found I was cheated, and sometimes the ideal is really a big difference from reality, that month earned all the money did not exceed 10 yuan…… at this point I had the first idea of giving up.

!The first step of

the third step: according to the type of advertising and methods to engage in traffic to the site, if it is necessary to do a website, then according to the advertising need to do, for some types of ads, you only need to do a simple web site, you can have a very good income. Give a simple example, we search for "query Kingsoft" in sh419 search volume index, day tens of thousands of times, and then the sh419 web search this word, row on the first page of a number of sites are just a web page, Download Kingsoft software guide. One download, 2 cents to 4 cents. So simple, you can calculate the income.

, after two baptism, I had no enthusiasm for my first visit. Every day, I still like to hang around on the Internet. I inadvertently explained a friend who made a living by doing a project. He told me that he was a thousand dollars a month when he was a station worker in Nanjing

2: deceived

second step: according to the type of advertising to choose ways to flow, do things, we should not be limited to the popular way, but to target oriented. To earn advertising fees, certainly want to engage in traffic flow, but, do not have to do a website, for some types of advertising, even if no site can make money, there are a lot of Wangzhuan master over the years, no website, but the monthly income. Get traffic through what method? Don’t have to do a website, commonly used methods are the following: 1, 2, directly put in wide writing; 3, the use of blog; 4, by E-mail; 5, by ; 6, the use of the Forum; 7, 8, the site of keyword advertising; 9, SEO; other methods.


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at present, we go to the major forums, Webmaster Station, see many webmaster can not earn money, they can’t earn money, not because not enough hard work, but because of wrong thinking. Most of the domestic personal Adsense, are independent construction site, and then publicity, and other sites to develop a certain flow, in applying for some advertising, earn some advertising fees. This process generally takes three to five years, many of them can not stand the loneliness, introduced the ranks of the webmaster. This road, so many webmaster go very hard, very tired, very confused, and the success rate is relatively low, even if a small part of the money can be earned, the process is very long. If you want to earn more online advertising fees, you have to learn to reverse thinking. As long as you master reverse thinking, you will find that you can walk like this!

, after a month’s ad Click tour, I haven’t earned any money. I wonder when the fresh stuff can really make money? Wandering in some Wangzhuan inside BBS saw a lot of AD, I remember that I cheated AD wrote, published free XXX "results, do not make money! Since I want to make money before paying, it is certainly very safe, so I joined this, after joining cheated by the author not in this specific states so as not to meet people. Probably in a week after that in a group, I had cheated! More than a month down oneself not only didn’t make money also lose hundreds of ocean in, felt extremely depressed…… that’s the second time I’ve ever thought of giving up.


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