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Since the media fellow uncle 200 million yuan founder sold 178 million yuan in cash

[TechWeb] News reported in December 8th, A shares of listed companies Legg Mason culture yesterday evening announced that its controlling shareholder holding Mason to 217 million yuan, the acquisition of a 72.5% stake in fellow culture. My uncle’s original author Cai Yuedong through the transaction cash 178 million yuan.


announcement shows that holding to 217 million yuan to Cai Yuedong Mason, Beijing Sequoia Sindh equity investment center (limited partnership), Jiangxi Province Oriental Science and Technology Venture Investment Center (limited partnership), Shenzhen Oriental Fucheng equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), Ningbo Mingqiao Cci Capital Ltd acquired its holdings of Shenzhen City Cultural fellow uncle Communication Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the fellow Culture) 72.5% stake.

The shareholding ratio of

fellow uncle Cai Yuedong individual from 72.08% to 12.5%, while the equity value will reach 178 million yuan.





Cai Yuedong is well-known red net "fellow uncle", was born in 1988, graduated from Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts, and became popular since July 2014 when micro-blog began publishing a series of comic Tucao constellation.

Legg Mason culture that fellow culture is a leading and influential internet media company, and belongs to media operators, IP content development and operation, mainly to micro-blog account, WeChat, the public number of fans as the underlying basis, to the content, advertising, electricity providers, IP authorization, and other related derivatives of Pan Entertainment industrial radiation.

data show that as of August 2016, Sina, micro-blog, WeChat has a total number of fans has more than 16 million users, the total number of fans on the platform more than 30 million people.




announcement revealed that fellow culture during the first half of 2016 revenue of about 24 million 430 thousand yuan, net profit of about 6 million 170 thousand yuan.

public information, once Legg Mason culture in the first half of 2016 to 30 million yuan, get a 15% stake in the cultural fellow, fellow uncle company valuation reached 200 million. (Zhou Xiaobai)


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