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Expert discussion from online shopping real name to see the prospects for C2C developmentTai Chi Chi


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also, in order to promote and regulate the healthy and orderly development of online shopping market, the Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services for the management of the State Administration for Industry and commerce "hereinafter referred to as the" measures " recently for public comment, the biggest controversy is the way, people in the online shop to the real name registration, the conditions of the need to apply for business registration. At this point, the real name system again swept, and the shop of the real name system has created "a joy, a worry, then shop real name system will continue to go to CN’s domain name? Especially C2C website because of real name system, the impact of

real name system has been the topic of debate, "train ticket real name system," CN "domain name system", "network game system", "Internet real name system" and so on, in recent years is often mentioned, but it can really achieve the long-term effective implementation is not easy, mainly because of the controversy, and the implementation of obstacles. Now the face of high frequency of online shopping disputes, online shopping market reputation down not only the rise of the situation, the real name system is released to the shop, the network side will undoubtedly lead to slobber war debate again.

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a month later, CNNIC relevant sources revealed that individuals can apply for registration CN domain name, but the key is to take the lead in the realization of individual registration domain name information real name system. However, although the individual registered CN domain name has been restored, but the market caused by the scene is not optimistic. Originally, CN domain name and COM domain name is the most mainstream in China, since the beginning of the national team CN domain management policy tightening, the number of CN domain fell sharply, but the COM domain name registrations in China soared, the disparity is expanding, and actually a regulatory relationship there is more or less ouduansilian the.

network rectification from 09 years of the mighty momentum, long in the gray area of individual CN domain name registration can not escape, then, CNNIC issued "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", emphasizing the management according to law, the individual will not be registered domain name.

in Shenzhen, for example, a total of 4 million 300 thousand Internet users in Shenzhen, of which participation in online shopping is as high as 1 million 119 thousand, while only 09 years, the Shenzhen Council received online shopping related complaints reached 141 cases, an increase of 127%. After the public gradually become accustomed to online shopping methods, online shopping consumption is increasing day by day, such as "goods not board", "network fraud", "various disputes", "rights protection" and other issues are on the upward trend. Today, the "approach" in this context is expected to be introduced at the same time, the real name system has increased the transparency of the information of both buyers and sellers, therefore, to some extent, the dispute has a restraining effect.

, however, the online real name system has become the most worried about the owner of the problem. Today, many online shop owners are grassroots entrepreneurs, from the grim situation of employment to pull out, choose online business, but the fancy is the shop operation Jane

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