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GreenTree nn Chairman don’t be nternet entrepreneurs.Content entrepreneurship hot fire, but really

in the capital winter in 2015, the content of entrepreneurship is very unpopular, and even the media in 2015 as "the first year since the media."". Earlier this year, Papi sauce series short video popular, but also the content of entrepreneurship to a climax, so many people from the media to see the content of entrepreneurship era is raging.

Xu Shuguang: for chain wines >

: Chairman of GreenTree Inn management group, Xu Shuguang. Photograph: Gao

Economic Review: what do you think about the development trend of China’s hotel industry in the future?

, but what’s the attraction of high quality content? According to Tencent’s first quarter earnings in 2016, the monthly active accounts of WeChat and W echat grew by 39% to 762 million at the end of the quarter. While Tencent’s quarterly results, advertising revenue grew 90% to 2 billion 532 million yuan, mainly by Q, Q space, mobile version, Tencent news, WeChat circle of friends and WeChat public account advertising revenue increased.



Economic Review: how do you see the return of your investment?

Xu Shuguang: there is differentiation to better discover the nature of things. In China, I saw the domestic situation, and also saw the United States from the inside out. In the United States, most of my employees are Americans, and I have experienced a lot of economic cycle fluctuations, see the development and disappearance of a batch of enterprises. As my children grew up in the United States, I experienced their education, saw some of the ills of American society, and saw China from this perspective. These insights should be my greatest asset and may be difficult for a Chinese entrepreneur or an American entrepreneur.

Xu Shuguang: I have been advocating a brilliant disciple. One lesson, long one wisdom, the company is a hubanghuhua atmosphere. I am also very happy to see now, company executives are almost out of our own culture, we have never advocated to dig others corner.

now what entrepreneurship most fire? I’m afraid most people will say content entrepreneurship, especially in the Papi sauce, after the fire, and so on, content entrepreneurship is increasingly familiar and promotion. In the IP network, flying red eruptions and national creative blowout today, the content industry tide seemed to move towards the era of unprecedented prosperity.

Xu Shuguang: my own feeling is solid learn skill, do not change from time to time. Then, do not impetuous, toss more, the higher the probability of failure. Finally, don’t be to hold the Internet, the Internet tend to do seem simplistic.

Xu Shuguang: GreenTree Inn has more than 1000 stores. At the end of last year, we introduced Green Orient, which was positioned as a four-star The Inn Boutique, and compared with other brands of the company, and Green Oriental requested higher management, which paved the way for the further development of our staff. At the same time, we are also actively expanding overseas markets.

Xu Shuguang: 2004, the U.S. real estate bubble has begun to take shape, and this is the 2008 financial crisis fuse, in order to transition, I began to return home development. At that time, we were at a disadvantage in many competitive sectors under the background of full foreign investment. Now the company is growing faster than it was then. I think, as China’s social and economic development environment becomes more and more fair and transparent, our competitiveness will be stronger. Investing in China is also something to be proud of.

Economic Review: you have both experience of life and work in China and the West. What do you think of the blending of different cultures,

Shanghai Economic Review: how do you describe your management style,


original content is fundamental, but no original content how to do? Can bring their own products and services, solve user needs and problems, the core competitiveness is the best content, is the best communication >

two. Content original,

despite the increasing availability of alternative platforms, content producers are still short of traffic. Moreover, most of the content entrepreneurs can not only rely on interest and love to survive, PGC content does not produce cash, direct threat will be the original content of the ecological cycle.

then, like doing content startups, you need:

1. Determine mode

, Shanghai Economic Review: "now there is fast success everywhere. What do you suggest for young entrepreneurs?"

this period of time, Sina, micro-blog is also promoting what red festival activities, a time of various netizens ready for action, even big V who are also actively involved.

you only see some network red bright, can the content of entrepreneurship really so easy? Do you think taking photos and video, writing can pat the fire? No kidding! In fact, now PGC content China 95% of the market are not making money.

this year, the birth of the order of tens of millions of users, WeChat public valuation of billions of dollars, which makes a lot of people marching through the WeChat platform for content creation, and high-quality, original content has also been a lot of capital at.

Shanghai Economic Review: about the layout of the future development of GreenTree Inn

you choose live, video, chicken soup, or a piece of writing. The biggest motivation for content creation comes from hobbies. Internet tools allow each interested person to create and connect with a common audience, generating interactive and economic value. Therefore, to capture the user’s interest, the production of appropriate content, will greatly improve your success rate.