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Group banquet network CEO Liao Guochang talk about the road of entrepreneurshipCai Wensheng rich two

group’s banquet network helps users alleviate the difficulty of some consumer decisions, protect the rationality of some spending, and reduce the time cost of users. In the banquet booking industry, the group banquet network is an influential enterprise

Cai Wensheng was the famous angel investment, although his identity is now chairman of Meitu Xiu Xiu, but for the investment and the Internet, is still a lot of entrepreneurs sought. Yesterday, held at the Tsinghua University and Wudaokou Institute of finance’s "global entrepreneurial leaders project", Cai Wensheng published a 5 minute speech, to share their Chinese now Internet investment analysis financial situation, and Sino US Internet market is different.

"first of all to understand their own position, to do research by the competitive environment, business environment and its resources and environment, find a can based on the opportunity, deep enterprise potential; secondly, to determine the location to the target after dismantling, gradually completed, can not have the order reversed, because of the immediate benefits of self deception and put all the resources together, the next is not to put some things with resources on itself does not match. The earlier the company resources are limited, the resources should not be allocated in different places to try and error. "That’s how Liao Guochang warns everyone. Group banquet network under the leadership of Liao Guochang, linking new technologies, the Internet, banquet booking market, the formation of enterprise ecosystem, so that the group feast network in a virtuous circle of development.

in different areas of the entrepreneurs, they have one thing in common, is to the unknown world full of curiosity, curiosity and put this into action, really create something which does not exist previously. Group feast network CEO, Liao Guochang is such an entrepreneur. Don’t forget the beginning of the heart, must always." Group feast network CEO, Liao Guochang uphold such a belief, passed to every entrepreneur’s experience.

today, and then by this contingency, or by entrepreneurs, single handedly entrepreneurial success is basically more difficult, and now the enterprise information should be summarized and summarized


what is "do not forget the beginning of the heart, must always"?

!According to Liao Guochang

but Cai Wensheng said at the same time that China has the most powerful capital, especially the third force of the capital market – China’s rich two generation. They have Internet thinking, but also with dad’s money, the power is very strong, but also to promote China’s entrepreneurship is another important reason.

group banquet network CEO Liao Guochang said: "the group feast network at the beginning of the establishment is also a small enterprise, and all small enterprises, faced with a variety of survival and development issues.". We started at the beginning of heart is for the benefit of the user platform to operate, in the process of development, the company has experienced a lot of tests, but this is because don’t forget the heart, only firm regiment feast network development so far, the banquet reservation market is large, but the circle is very small, the regiment feast network has been determined with the quality of service is really build reputation, many enterprises in the development at the same time, because of the problem of existence, choice against my heart, and think about whether good or bad, passed on the losses of the enterprise is relatively large "

The process of realizing the "value" of

Cai Wensheng’s view and slightly the same before, he believes that the world Internet is actually only 2.5 markets, one American, one China, and one half is India. He said that China’s Internet development has been from the Copy model of the United States, came to the most powerful third wave: go abroad. Chinese has the largest market, the most active and most of the capital environmental efforts of entrepreneurs, so Chinese Internet development is very potential previously reported visible "Cai Wensheng: the world began learning Chinese innovation".

Chinese angel investment is very few, including VC and PE can name a few people, Xue Manzi, Xu Xiaoping…… After 6 years of development, it is true that China has undergone tremendous changes throughout the world. We have heard about entrepreneurship, including investment. Why does the Wudaokou finance institute do this? Catch a craze? I personally think it makes sense. Because we are now talking about entrepreneurship and innovation, is a high-tech Internet based, the previous 15 years of development of the Internet, is the achievement of a new thing, but this more than ten years of development of the front, I personally think that the development of a wilderness style, not into the development of the system, a lot of success of chance.

Abstract: China has the highest level of capital, especially the third force of the capital market – China’s rich two generations, they have Internet thinking, but also take the money of my father.

, the company was founded in 6 years, the regiment feast network’s pioneering research and development capabilities, to develop a series of banquet reservation service products, affects the development of the state of the industry and users of consumption; extensive business development ability, to create a network with thousands of regiment feast high-quality industry merchants reached a strategic cooperation, and the impact of market promotion and sales strategy of these partners; customer service overall professional ability, for each user to provide professional, efficient service recommendation, meet the needs of different users for the banquet booking service pursuit. Group Catering network operation team actively carry out various types of market activities to meet customer demand, every year will provide quality activities, so that each user truly tangible benefits.

below is the Cai Wensheng speech memoir, slightly through the titanium media media:

Cai Wensheng believes that the learning system is Internet startups go now further protection, the first 15 years of barbaric growth opportunism is not suitable for Internet start-ups now, by accident or by entrepreneurs single-handed era has been to be successful. He cited the case of Meitu Xiu Xiu, he believes that if the beauties of the founder of not only a high school diploma, but also Tsinghua students, the current market value may be several fold.


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