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Ali Mom recommend high-quality sites for millions of traffic AwardsPush 4 months to break 200 millio

1. recommended quality web site, will receive the following Awards:

Ali mother’s official website does not open this event, please go to the above sites to participate in awards activities recommended.

      website traffic reward

Fang Yi side said, Android version of the message manager has just pushed the line, while carrying his shoulder bag, went to Zhangjiang and several companies to talk about cooperation, back like a real teenager. From the university after three serial entrepreneur, there is no trace of this optimistic tired forward Aries boys face. < >

activity time: May 22nd – August 8th

1000-2000IP/ day 20 yuan /

active link:

  please don’t register your mother’s account, and apply for the advertising link under this account;



"push" this also for ordinary users unfamiliar name, in the mobile Internet developers, but quite well known, launched just in April, became one of China’s most successful SAAS service providers. In layman’s terms, as the western United States early Nuggets era many people through selling profit "is a push to send water to do business. Provide application push solutions for Android developers, App access a push, developers can save development cost in the application of push function, save resources and ensure the application of push function quality and the provincial traffic and power saving effect.

activity rules:
1., all recommended sites must be registered before 08 May, and must be top-level domain names;

, but apparently no longer a "push" for start-ups, is being pushed into the eyes of the mobile Internet industry and the venture capital. In addition, Sina and sh419 and other Internet giants cooperation, mobile terminal applications such as Netdragon, sing, clap, sink etc. the most fire also introduced a push push. The first round of financing was led by the China Economic Cooperation Corporation, with financing ranging from $five million to $ten million, and the second round of financing has just come to an end.

2000 – 20 thousand IP/ days 40 yuan /

2013 Fang Yi to do, with the above 3 things summarized. He calls it a "trial and error, small step into the" rhythm.

this time I saw a founder, Fang Yi, in the coffee shop in ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station. When you see the 30+ man a pair of campus fan children back backpack wear red plaid shirt drinking Black Tea e-mail, listen to the Zhejiang University computer professional people talking about the "book of changes" in Liu Yao Qian, you really have a sense of the infinite possibilities of mashup.

20 thousand IP/ days above 70 yuan /

5. is billed once a month.

4. as a site, different advertising on the 2-3 partners were promotional advertising links, the first time on the code shall prevail;

my account registered before Ali’s mother is [email protected], and successfully applied for the www. site, and hang the Ali Mama advertising code. Now I have other website www.hao123, want to participate in this recommended Award activities, that is, to register another account: [email protected], and then apply for web site: www.hao123>

"in the" book of changes "Gua?" now push "is" dragon flight "?" "Global Entrepreneur" reporter asked.

3. test cycle is 7 days, and the average IP reaches the standard within 7 days before it can be rewarded. During the test, the mother of Ali advertising code CPC or CPT to determine whether the flow is stable and true, if the flow is out of brush, we will refuse to pass this site;

is the recommended 1000-2000IP/ website, recommended by the webmaster is reward 20 yuan / month;
10 sites were randomly selected from the


‘push’ is expected to reach five hundred million subscribers this year." In October last year to now just four months, the number of users of the record breaking 200 million let Fang Yi with that expected for this year growth in the number of users: "application updates are constantly trying to do, to the end of the year will make five or six. Another important thing this year is to grow a business model on this platform, in addition to the SAAS model, we are now doing a media alliance."

Fang Yi sipped her tea and decided for one or two seconds, laughing: "it should be in the" dragon is in Tian "savings stage, and so on" flying Apsaras "."

2. has registered the website of Ali mother’s account, and is not allowed to participate in this event,

according to the companies’ own data: March 5th 0, the total number of registered users more than 200 million, at present they accumulated access application a number more than 3000, the daily news distribution number more than 250 million, using a push push service application of the average daily number of registered users exceeded 100 million.


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