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How do you choose the right advertising allianceFirst, the video began to focus on the user experien

started the first video ads really bother you, there is a sound, affect PV, but look at the advertising fee 5000 yuan per month in the face, always put in, think more money later, now, no sound, the price is 8 yuan /CPM, can pay

is just a little bit worse compared to the sh419 alliance. First of all, it’s not easy to apply. Network part-time web site applications for less than 10 times, each time were rejected, sh419 alliance requirements site for the record, and content requirements are relatively high. This is nothing, as long as the efforts to operate, the number is still promising to approve. sh419 Union, most people can not stand is advertising, quite poor, a disease of the site, you deserve what machinery advertising, who click desire? Obviously tell everybody this is advertising, please do not click on. Seen a lot of sites, advertising matches are very poor. This also caused the sh419 alliance click rate is not high, although the price may be similar to the shlf1314 alliance. No click rate, Adsense earn money, if there is a better advertising Union, I believe we will abandon the sh419 alliance. sh419 alliance wants to put on many sites, to one station, one station application, this is also great inconvenience, hinder the development of its alliance. Adsense hands must be more than one station, and because of policy reasons, many new sites choose foreign space, it can not record, so many webmaster also have to abandon sh419 alliance.

shlf1314 Adsense is the best advertising alliance that deserves the first choice, with a very good match. I even want to click on shlf1314 ads a few times, some of them are really tempting to click on, especially with their own keyword matching related, but taboo, afraid of being considered cheating and soft. This is the biggest advantage of GG, matching the relevant words is a very good site supplement, page optimization is good, others simply do not see this is advertising, resulting in the desire to click. Secondly, GG applications are also very easy, not the site for the record, as long as the formation of the site, not some extreme sites, such as pornography, gambling, and basically easy to pass, and even many blog support GG applications. On the unit price is also very good, although recently declined slightly, but as long as you have regular flow, income is considerable. GG still has a little advantage that an alliance number can be put to numerous sites, without auditing, which gives us great room for development.


manager of the first video is far sighted, and I hope you will be the first in the future,

video began to really focus on the webmaster experience, they began to take seriously the views of owners, the views of users, and also their organization forum webmaster comments to them, the first video started to progress, so that their union will develop! Hope they can make China GG. Do not pay attention to the webmaster opinion alliance, there will be no development. Now China’s League is large and small, there are countless, but really for the webmaster want not much, only for their own money!


we should choose what kind of advertising is better? The domestic large and small advertising alliance, how much buckle quantity, but the domestic league seems to be not so healthy, not buckle is closed, and then refused to pay for various reasons, or K. The most famous domestic Ali mother, sh419 alliance, of course, there are Sogou alliance and so on. But the overseas choice is quite many, but very few supports the Chinese people, shlf1314 Adsense has become the stationmaster to choose the advertisement alliance first choice. We analyze several coalitions.

Ali mother is also a strong domestic alliance. But Ali mother has a lot of controversy, buckle amount, unit price is low. Many webmaster gave up, Ali mother, would rather do Taobao guest. This is the place that mother of Ali needs to reflect on. At the same time, Ali mother audit is relatively strict, a.

weeks!The first


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