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The sincerity to be wholly acquired New England Sports This is the eve of the plot or heating giant

Sohu has genes for entrepreneurship. Whether executives come out, or ordinary employees come out, the flow of blood in the total some disturbing factors. At least many of the people I know are like this, and it’s hard to explain why.

on the night of April 11, 2017, a huge boulder was thrown into the swimming pool of China’s sports industry, making a loud splash.

Sheng New England lost unaccomplished intention after the premier

New England Sports who love to watch the Premier League? Certainly not unfamiliar friends. In the first IDG capital incubator "Tiansheng mode" bankruptcy, not reconciled to the failure of the IDG capital and Ya Di Media Co investment, create new England sports. Subsequently, they have won the exclusive use and distribution rights of the Premier League in mainland China and Macao in the 2010/11 to 2018/19 season, opening the new English era in the Premier League for nearly 10 years".

The first business of


this wave of people I define as Sohu entrepreneur. I’d like to talk to 10 or so Sohu entrepreneurs and maybe get some interesting conclusions.

, this is the first wave of success, I attributed to the PC Internet era entrepreneurial representative. Their stories have already appeared in numerous newspapers and networks, and the readers are too familiar with the newness. So I turn my eyes to the second generation of Sohu entrepreneurs.

second business is the whole frequency operation of traffic broadcast, including Sichuan traffic, Guangzhou traffic, Hefei traffic, Xi’an traffic and Nanjing heart frequency modulation. Simply put, you pay the entire frequency, and you’re responsible for the broadcast

, this is one of the series I planned to record, the Sohu entrepreneur story, and also the opening.

in 2017, the sports industry seems to be in the entertainment industry a few years ago the road resources and were scattered, were carved out of the camp, gradually showing the big picture meet as equals.

at this point, a strong listed company, quietly built up their own sports industry Empire, is the acquisition of new British sports by way of strong entry.

auto channel and the IT channel used to belong to the Sankei center, and our offices were next to each other.

There are three

‘s first appearance was Yu Qingmu, who chatted on Sunday afternoon. Former Sohu automotive channel editor, the current digital audio content operators – vehicle language media chairman and CEO, as well as mobile voice content platform – Koala FM founder.

recognized Sohu, the first generation of entrepreneurs are concentrated in the video field. Youku founder Gu Yongqiang, the original six network founder Li Shanyou and Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu, and even served CEO Wang Jianjun in my music network, spike in media properties in the representative of the video industry.

I give Sohu second generation entrepreneur’s description is, before leaving, mostly belong to Sohu middle-level, several years of experience, is currently independent entrepreneurship.

in this new British era, they basically helped the sport market achieve a "0 to 1" process. The cost of the Premier League’s broadcast has soared from the initial million point distribution price to the current distribution price of hundreds of millions. It can be said that the new British sports practice sports Tiansheng unfinished wish, completed the basic education of copyright on the market.

original, contemporary Paul released an announcement that the proposed acquisition of Wuhan New England Sports Co., to buy the Super Sports Media Inc. the subject of restructuring. Translate this sentence into the vernacular is: the listed company is the acquisition of contemporary Ming Cheng, the parent company of New England Sports! This is why should start from February 14, 2017 since the suspension of contemporary.

Yu Qingmu looks a bit like host Liu Yiwei, with his face full of stubble. Sometimes the 12 storey building in the Sohu often can see the akimbo lecture, we say that Liu Yiwei began hosting the program.

is the advertising agency of radio broadcasting station. At first, a "car every day," the car program in the country nearly 200 radio broadcast, and then extended to agents around the country traffic broadcast advertising agency business.

, if a multi billion transaction, if completed, will inevitably have a small impact on China’s sports industry, and even affect the formation of the sports industry pattern.

I simply summed up what to do.

on the single market in copyright, Tencent and FIBA NBA winning copyright, Suning won the next Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Super League, AFC Champions League copyright, in addition to pocket CBA copyright, giant field process appears to be ending.

not only that, the good new British sports almost through further capital operation, in Hongkong stock exchange by means of Hongkong culture letter Co., Ltd., to complete the listing of operations.

according to the May 10, 2016 cultural letters group revealed that the new British sports valuation of 3 billion 875 million Hong Kong dollars at the time, the tune shows, as of 2015, the new British sports total profit of $61 million 300 thousand, or about 400 million yuan. The striking numbers prove that the New England Sports is one

language media investors, and the first round of financing was completed in 2010. One is the king Association, the original legend investment. One is Bertelsmann, Europe’s largest media group. One is DCM. The second round of financing is under way.

Yu Qingmu started his career in May 2007 after leaving the Sohu. The project of entrepreneurship is car language media. The positioning is digital audio content operators, industry and automobile, traffic broadcast related.



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