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Custom furniture O2O platform Cuteway home by Lei million yuan financingLead G YES! PPG linktech lan

data show that the Cuteway home is located in Chengdu, founded in 2009, formerly known as the times at mall. For the Cuteway 2012 transformation, focusing on the O2O platform to provide custom furniture, bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, study the whole house Furniture Customization service. Has invested millions of dollars in angel capital.

Zhou Yuxiang said to get investment, because the Cuteway home main cost-effective way of thinking Lei recognized, to get along for the fund investment. He said the Cuteway hope like millet as home, young people to build the first set of custom Home Furnishing extrusion, traditional Home Furnishing market price bubble by way of internet.

capital was established in 2011, founded by Lei Jun, with a capital size of $225 million. Focus on China’s Internet related industries, including investment direction, but not limited to mobile Internet, e-commerce, social networking platforms, etc., the main investment target for start-up and growth of quality start-up companies.

lead: domestic custom furniture brand "Cuteway home" was announced today, Lei Jun Shun A round of investment capital, the amount of over 10 million yuan.

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Cuteway company founder and CEO Zhou Yuxiang said, the amount of financing will be used to upgrade O2O custom furniture brand strategy, at the same time service from the southwest to expand nationwide.


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