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A personal website promotion Wangzhuan experienceshlf1314 Adwords advertising features

low cost because shlf1314 has just launched Adwords advertising services, to participate in the auction website is less, so the price is low, for example, some key words in sh419’s bid as high as 8 yuan, while the same keywords in shlf1314 for only about $USD0.5, for advertisers, has the same effect.

network promotion, IP, IQ, IC all need, toward the business development, is the webmaster long way out,

remember a year ago, I started as a personal station, made a website, every day to update the 40 news, sh419 received a lot, not popular, call graph king, I stand how no one ah, graph king told me, do promotion ah, did not know how to promotion, now know that is the website promotion methods, there are thousands, only to find yourself a few websites can not say more words, for example, a few months before my first Wangzhuan station

do not click, do not charge

· low cost

· setting monthly budget

· locking a potential customer of a language

· locks a potential customer in a country or region

· instant opening

· always edit your ad

immediately opened

through this website, is to promote a registration, promotion to give others a registration, they have 5 corners of the income, the development level of the assembly line, I registered a promotion, then I have the 5 corners of the income, at the beginning, I registered, more than 20 University Forum every day, dozens of posts, tired, not a few days ago what effect, about a week, every day there are about 2-3 of the income, then feel tired, do not do, not what income, until one day I met a webmaster, because the two of us talk well, I will make him a registration, he did my downline, after a few days to look, unexpectedly, 10 dollars a day income, the net friend put the URL into the four group announcement, I will pay attention to every day One day, did not expect the highest income is 20 dollars, ha ha, I what also don’t tube, are my referral, each month about 15 No. 30 can receive a few hundred dollars, is also good, because I’m lazy, no promotion, only rely on this method that a June received hundreds of very happy Oh, actually a lot of money for the network, this is just one of them. Sometimes we just need to think about it, ha ha, there will be no small gains.

lock in a language of potential customers

The promotion of

repair any time


do not click free


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