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The whole process of making money from bloggingFeng Lun Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship is a chick

entrepreneurship is not a "creative" thing, nor is it "industry", it is the choice of life. Starting a business is a very different and ordinary life. If you want to choose a special life, then choose entrepreneurship. If you want to select a firm and secure live life, then do not go into business.

thought carefully about the problem.

entrepreneurship is life’s choice,

this course is the whole process of making money through my blog. But at the same time of making money. First of all, you need to know how high blogs can be accessed, and what principles you can use to get high blogs. Give your blog a high level of access and enhance your reputation for your site. And high access, first of all, a set of data:

according to the above core tips, we use a complete system to build this blog to make money connections.

has a friend who will ask. There are so many blogs on the homepage. If I add a connection on the home page. So I don’t have thousands of visits every day? That’s right. The number of articles per day in Sina’s home page is about 200 thousand, and each article has 200 thousand views. When you see this 200 thousand time. Do you think?. If I add a connection to me. Well then. My station doesn’t have a lot of traffic, too,

1, build blog

entrepreneurship is out of the orbit of most people, choose a special track of life. In fact, entrepreneurship is also very simple. If you don’t want to get out of a rut, don’t start.

, this blog, I’m on 3 well-known blog sites

, we’ll explain

why don’t I build a blog? If my article is recommended by Sina as a home page article. That doesn’t make a big difference. Home page views – blogs, articles, views – my station visits 3 classes. How do you apply him flexibly, that is, how to bridge the 3 items as a link?


blogs on some large websites are visited by millions of visitors per day. Some have reached tens of thousands of visits, such as Sina blogs. Daily visits are only around 5 million. Perhaps it’s not surprising to see this set of data higher than that,

he hasn’t understood yet. I’ll say, "do you want the present or the future?" now throw the present if you want the future.

3, maintenance blog

4, pick the right advertising alliance,

5, adjusting blogs and ads

1, build a blog

2, using assistive software to bridge

I met a people who want to start, I told him now in a job, how much money a month, if the business then wage income is not, and the problem is very nervous, to mortgage business a little money, may not be able to succeed, but I just want to do. Ask me what to do? I said go back and have a dream. The second day, ask yourself whether you want to become true. If you want to become true, then don’t think about anything. Go ahead and do it. The dream is very interesting. It’s usually not clear in three minutes, and it’s forgotten in five minutes. If you wake up and want to speak five minutes later, it must be something you particularly want to do. Then you do it. If you forget after five minutes, just live honestly.

business is not really live, start to get out of a rut, we must remember that a business is up, one is love. Hooking up is a normal life, love is a small probability event.

we all know, Ma entrance for several years have not been admitted, and finally admitted to the Department of foreign languages, Hangzhou Normal University, after graduation, when the English teacher for five years. Suddenly to go to Beijing to do business, the middle of a lot of small business can not do, after the failure to climb the Great Wall to go, less than the Great Wall, not a true man, on the Great Wall vowed to do one of the world’s greatest companies. Now only ten years, actually became. Why did he succeed? That’s because he became different from ordinary people. He was no longer a teacher. No longer nine to five, no lectures in class. Instead of asking people for business. Out of all the way, is certainly no social security, the security is gone, and then to do this thing, although no death. As a result, it slowly began to work. Now sure enough

in accordance with the above five

I’ve often encountered this problem since I chose to start a business. Before, from reading, going to school, teaching and organization, this is the same life. Suddenly one day I was in business, and my father was worried at this time. Question me a lot of practical questions. That I’m out of the normal track of life. Today is even more so. All the people from the start of the day to you, is to change the way of living, not to make money. Money is just a form, but you changed the way of living.

blog builds the foundation for the daily people’s most attention. The hottest friends with their own websites. There are also many do not know how to do website optimization, the blog for web site optimization. Speak a little. You can also follow this method of operation. Take a simple case I’ve worked on. H anime this keyword. When I built my blog, my name and my blog name were H anime, and when I built it, I wrote it in my blog. I wrote whatever I wanted. However, all of my contents are smooth sentences. In the article, you have this keyword and show it in other colors and different font formats.

maybe some friends also know how to bridge this connection with software, and how to translate it into their own traffic after bridging. That’s the core of today’s topic.




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