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WeChat la carte – my road to entrepreneurship ContinuedLimit new advertisement dynamic notification

was thinking about how to change this phenomenon. So I thought of ordering dishes on WeChat, and then I made a WeChat ordering system through some programming languages I mastered. In July and August, on sh419 promotion, at that time, sh419 on me in a "WeChat orders, WeChat ordering, WeChat take out" these keywords bidding. At that time, the effect is good. Later, by the end of August, several orders had been made in the market for WeChat. Everyone has thrown in these keywords, too. At this time, I decided to quit, no longer on the sh419 PPC, but instead to do some natural algorithms. Because I began to contact SEO from 2006, before also do the local website, so more or less also know some search engine optimization method, so I started to do the natural algorithm rankings.

sometimes and some colleagues communicate, understand the current sh419 competitive ranking, because WeChat do a la carte many people, the daily click fee is very high, the key effect is not very good. So I’m glad I quit. After bidding out ranking, I do some natural ranking, although it does not need to spend money, but in some key words ranking is good. Every day, there are many people who add my WeChat public account and visit our website to learn about our products. But, at present, this piece of work, indeed from the beginning when I was doing it, is a piece of blue ocean, and now is a red sea. We fight, grab single or more serious. And I’m an individual team, and some of them are professional companies, and they’re willing to vote

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August, wrote an article about entrepreneurship articles the original is "WeChat – WeChat business meal road" my article address is admin5/article/20131003/526892.shtml, but also to get some support from friends, WeChat also communicate with them some. Everyone has given me a lot of advice and advice. Today, it has been two months since I ordered the WeChat order. I have learned a lot from the experience. Here to share with you.

six space CPC group put in advertisement to stop hosting CPC alliance ", is to open a separate project for the webmaster launch, the ad code shows only six space advertising, price: 15 yuan /1000IP welcome webmaster launch!

just began to value this project is at the beginning of this year, probably in April, when WeChat public account just began to fire, yet now, has been very influential. So he thought himself often in the office office, called for some takeout to make a phone call to the restaurant, and because in some restaurants informatization level is not high, each call in the past, he didn’t know me, so when I called a takeaway to give your address to his check. Some restaurant staff due to busy, in the service attitude is not very careful, often I haven’t finished, there may already know my address, so I did not finish "bang" a hung up. To tell you the truth, this user experience is bad.


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