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Regular stations, please calmly deal with false traffic

wish everyone a happy Labor Day in advance and relax yourself during the May Day holiday.

a few days ago in the webmaster group to see someone standing brush IP, in order to take statistics and telecom advertising. Although the use of some "means" brush out of the local IP, you can achieve traffic "true", but you can carefully analyze such consequences.

mentioned above is the local station, as the Internet situation tends to be rational and simple "flow" has been difficult to gain a foothold, so more and more stationmaster began operating regular station, the local station is one of the direction, I was in a Liaoyang area business life service website (www.041999.com). Why is it called "normal station", is a personal understanding of this type of website is not simply rely on the flow of advertising alliance as the site of income, may have a variety of profit way: charge membership fees, earn commissions, monthly advertising, to provide special services and so on, it also can be said that the normal station revenue compared to the previous "flow" continuous and long.

relies on the false traffic took monthly advertising, advertisers to advertise to have effect, and we can actually work, belong to a more enlightened boss, easy to accept new things, there is no concept of most of the traffic, even if you one billion IP on my business without help he would not do it again, which if only 200 high quality IP but the effect is obvious, you don’t ask him to renew, he will take the initiative to send money to you.

If you put in the

website advertising has no effect, I think that the boss will not be foolish enough to spend money to return no place to go, so we can only go on to the next home, so again, the result is: our customers will be less and less, our website reputation is more and more poor. When we talked about all the "silly bosses" in the whole area, the end of the web came.

the reason is very simple, we do, the purpose is to provide service, and we receive a portion of the proceeds, if the service is not good enough, customers will not buy it, although the network virtual and the reality, but so many industries, such as man, to be honest, Time tries all., the same reason.

Liaoyang life network (www.041999.com) in contributions.


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