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From the salt panic incident to see several points of attention to website promotion

the cause of the salt shortage was a tsunami that caused a tsunami in Japan and damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant at the seaside. Four nuclear power plants were on fire and hydrogen exploded, causing a nuclear leak. Yesterday, the Zhejiang area, the size of the supermarket stores were sold out of salt, some people sell FCL fcl. It can also be seen that the site promotion points worthy of attention.

one, do stop, do not blindly follow the trend of

now there are many novice Adsense do site always blindly follow the trend, see what others do well, make much money, just start the same web site. It’s like the hottest group buying network now. But there are few really big ones. See what people do make money on their own to do, think they can make money why not? And have their own unique side to go completely modelled this is undoubtedly a waste of resources and waste of energy. "This is a gust of energy-saving" event I think three days should stop, positive guidance of government departments has played an important role. This also warned those who hoard salt people do not blindly follow the trend, we must have their own opinion, have a more intuitive understanding and judgment of things.

two, website should be reasonable use promotion means

sites should take reasonable measures to promote, as in the website optimization, there are many cheating practices. Sometimes, these cheats are intended to be used by webmasters in an attempt to manipulate and cheat search engines. But sometimes, many webmaster will inadvertently use these techniques. Originally, his purpose is to achieve other results, but it inadvertently violated the requirements of the search engine specifications, and the consequences can be imagined. It is also common for websites to be punished by K.

three, just looking at the short-term interests of the site, destined to go far,

most webmaster site is in order to obtain benefits, whether honor or money. Short term interests need attention, but not too much. As a normal operation of the website, short and long term interests must be taken into account, but the short-term benefit has not taken too short-sighted, the pursuit of short-term interests and long-term interests of inadequate attention, temporary access for the future more losses. Excessive attention to short-term interests, in the long run, not only short-term benefits can not be achieved, the long-term interests of the more difficult to protect.

four, the site does not involve illegal content,

a healthy website will certainly not involved in illegal content, China’s Internet content on this illegal crackdown is very large, some typical cases did not say here, the light, the site was closed permanently, fine; severe, and sentenced to jail are much. The "salt panic" incident of several key figures are not caught, and some salt prices are also driving up a few good end?.

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