The old, old stationmaster asked for help

, like an old, old stationmaster, asks for help. "It’s a bit of a strange title, but my heart.".

I am engaged in the work of it

from 2000 until today, did not find their own direction of development, in 2004 when the domain name industry is cattle people follow Jiro learning investment domain have thousands of domain names, domain name renewals every year make me crazy, in 05 years, contact Wangzhuan, start the site, the first site: big network:

has done 2 years or so, small results, Baidu, Google included is very good, but made very little money, so in the senior person under the guidance of the domain name, this is also good, there are 10 thousand yuan of income, but a month long time domain with good times don’t last long, Park, visitors do not want to see their see, the flow is less and less, resulting in the best at around 1 thousand yuan per month.

in the last month, I have made the idea of standing, then choose a video podcast, a Chinese digital video network (Note: this decision is for the domain name itself


, but after doing, always feel what is wrong place, and Baidu, Google included is not very good, I don’t know is the direction is wrong, or the website has what problem, hope expert advice, thank you!



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