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Talk about how to win over traditional education online education from the education opportunity cos

education is a kind of resources, for the enjoyment of educational resources in the Internet era, users can receive education resources through two ways, one is the line of education, the other way is by virtue of the Internet online education, online education is popular to say. At present, many educational institutions are active in the layout of the Internet channel, however, many educational institutions or venture capital companies active layout online education is the original can get high returns, the education business, then, for education this huge market, for users who intend to learn some skills, will willingly and gladly abandon the line education, choice

online education?

May 15, 2015, "dream: I dare to – 2015 Taobao education industry annual meeting" held in Hangzhou. Taobao released a report in the online education, the study summary of offline and online learning problems, quite interesting people.

line learning problems:

1 temporary things, not class can not understand this lesson.

2 is too far away to spend a lot of time on the road.

3 teacher talk too much content, can not remember.

4 I have a lot of questions to ask, but there is no chance.

5 learning content is not what I want.

6 teacher speak bad, do not understand.

7 students around too noisy, affect my class.

8 teacher’s voice is not clear.


online learning problems encountered:

1 the teacher can’t answer my question.

2 found that the purchase is not what I need.

3 after the purchase to forget, not how to learn.

4 video sound, image is not clear.

5 to purchase other sites to register.

6 can’t find my course.


for online education, comparative education line, is indeed a lot of progress, but has the disadvantage is obvious, for example, the teacher could not answer my questions, there is a famous saying "individualized" in the traditional idea of education, that is the teacher according to the degree of perceived students will instill different levels of knowledge. A little bit of induce students to fully understand, but online education can not solve this problem, it is the teacher of the course is not one hundred percent to make all students fully understand.

Another point is that

"can’t find my purchase course" for the Internet change rapidly, knowledge every day in the update, such as personal website promotion and maintenance of such courses, online only some sporadic one-sided knowledge, but there is no systematic curriculum for reference to the webmaster.



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