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Website operation, you should sum up experience in time, the failure of a moment is not terrible

from 08 to 10 years, I have been doing the television station, the television station to see a friend’s flow is very high, they told me that one day can receive several advertisement, I was in such a temptation to do a full-time television station.

then do not know what is the promotion, but do not know what is SEO, in one month I have read a lot of relevant information, but it is absolutely ignorant of, only know the forum and do the title of the party, for 2 years, during this period played the ball check the content of the edge, also made a virtual click advertising, these words are clearly veteran; have joy, also have sorrow.

actually use the site to make money really is not difficult, it is difficult to understand you do not understand, can not adhere to, there is a little bit of luck. If you have nothing, you must be a rich man.

in the process of doing television station, I accumulated a lot of knowledge, and grasp the website group operation ability, network promotion, SEO optimization is little. But what was not website accumulation, just the pursuit of quality flow, do not care about the site training, in the end I just made today’s hard-earned money, tomorrow the future, and the vast majority of peasant workers toil, I deeply feel really to this situation, but there have been no less, because migrant workers done today live, he can drink a little wine to sleep soundly, but I was busy every day to two or three midnight, experienced friends all know, in the middle of the night the son is very good, so every day. High strength work in this, we have to worry about advertising is money, such things have occurred, so when you have no tears to cry.

experienced so many years of discipline, I decided to be a real webmaster, do a accumulation, promising website, to the regular station.

I do website planning and Market Research

early, make a better future, now think of it really is very exciting, in fact it is let me can’t do anything. I was turned, would have to pay a return, I spend money to buy the chain, buy program, or even buy copyright, please post and so on, I pay attention is dumpster several times, my friends said I was crazy.

Love asked network -http://s.aiwenwo.net- this station is still doing, just by dozens of people do, and now a few people do. The aimless to do now is to do, although you feel yourself grow, but I have lost a lot, and now the site did not meet their expectations, I think anxious, suddenly, tears tell me " you should have a good rest and a good reflection.

is a good time to reflect on yourself and sum up your experience of failure.

first: regular station operating experience is not enough.

second: own website promotion technology, SEO optimization information >


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