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Some suggestions for the opening of the trousers industry

before someone once said, the store one day will be replaced by online stores, on this small series is not recognized, although now in the online shopping is very popular, but buy pants on the Internet or rarely, because the pants still have to personally go and try to know whether the right, so the pants industry franchise business is very hot, do you want to open a pants industry franchise? So the following and we say that the opening of the pants industry franchise decoration guide.

pants industry stores how to decorate? Pants industry franchise store decoration to see you open the pants industry franchise stores or various brands have, if the store, the manufacturer will provide uniform shelves and decoration standard, not store, pants industry stores to shop how to decorate? First of all, you need to do a ceiling, around the use of light or light bulbs, or the use of fluorescent lights in the other, to enhance the brightness of the lighting.

on the wall can be done according to the length of the wall hanger, divided into sections, the height of 2.2 meters, 20 centimeters of the upper eaves wall 28 cm, about ten centimeters on the line, the installation of fluorescent lamp, the bottom 8 cm high platform placed without opening the pants industry packaging, shelf is arranged in the middle of special clothes the shelf, if you do not understand, can go to the store to visit other pants, most of them are like this.

room can be made in the middle of a number of hangers, height 1.2 meters, the bottom width of 78 cm, the bottom to do a platform of 8 cm high. How to open the pants industry franchise length according to the length of your room to decide to make a few sets, in addition to the need to produce a few stools, 39 cm high, the width of 29 cm, in addition to the need for a fitting room, such as the installation of mirrors.

if you want to engage in such a business, the decoration of the store is really a very important thing, after reading the above open pants industry franchise decoration guide you also have a general understanding of it? Know how to decorate it, read the above content, I believe we have to do several things about it, is not feeling very simple, love the alliance project friends do not hesitate to invest in, join in.

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