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see the Lula pet forum in the Forum on partition problem

is a forum for future success in the previous section is reasonably large, the first division of science section can keep the user’s eye, let love jar in 30 seconds on even shorter time is clear in the heart. Second, more importantly, I believe that a good forum for a professional forum, it is easier to attract and nurture their own opinion leaders. On the contrary, the unreasonable division of the forum hinders the formation of opinion leaders.

pet in many forums, Lula not pioneers in this field have done well on post volume more than 4000 POCO pet forum. Determined to do Chinese pet communication portal Lula forum is a challenger, although claiming to be ranked among the top domestic pet community POCO, has only 1 years of history.

, let’s talk about the big differences between challengers and leaders in the forum section, and try to analyze the pros and cons.


POCO forum is divided into pet complex area, Chinese pet dog, alternative pet club, foreign service area / forum management area, local comprehensive section, and five to six categories.

, where the Chinese pet dog and the local comprehensive section is the fine zoning. China pet dog every popular name for a dog to separate sections, with vivid pictures, and the local version is divided east, north, Southern China, northeast, northwest, southwest and overseas on the home page, and to every province of a sub forum.

the number of sections of the two fine sections account for about 80% of the whole community. The main section of the proportion, whether the forum has pictures (vivid) and other standards, the pet dog section more attention than in the full version, in the altar is the key in the key.

, and other categories other than attention 80%, is a necessary supplement.

pet comprehensive area, is the forum section after the fine points, macro include, fine points after coarse. Medical advice, pet training, love adoption, these are applicable to all breeds of dogs, and even to all types of pets. This includes three categories, each pet owners are most concerned about the problem, need to have separate extracted; resource download, pet pet exhibition, the two have the function; pet photography essence, China pet teahouse, the two is the forum area, essential forum.

in fact, the pet complex area in the forum after the main theme of the division, there must be no attention to the status and can not be replaced role. It turns round the forum and a place for everyone to congregate. Its weight is the largest in the non fine partition.


alternative pet club is a forum for other pet pets under the guidance of pet dogs. A total of four plates: cats, reptiles, birds and flowers, fish.

and some pet forums pay more attention to pet cats when they value pet dogs, but POCO gives pet cats only one page


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