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Flash purchase platform Fab three transformation facing bankruptcy the model is difficult to endure,

"Fab" is the predecessor of a "Fabulis" Comrade social networking site, set Yelp reviews, Foursquare sign in, Groupon buy in one, after the transition to a flash purchase site. "


Fab appeared so far, a total of three times transition: from Comrade social networking sites, transition to flash purchase site, to the full price of electricity providers, and then today’s life creative designers, personalized recommendation platform. More than half of Fab users are repeat customers who buy and sell products on the Fab after they buy the satisfied products. Fab often says that her goal is to be a global leader in lifestyle design.


three transformation only the first successful transition after the two step by step and almost at the same time, it seems like a poison, let Fab in at least half a year of trouble: Flash purchase profit model unsustainable, too strong, the management style of the founder of turbulent, although internal treatment is very good, morale but it is very low.

even has internal sources that Fab is already preparing to shut down its Web site.

breaks and then stands

is the so-called flash purchase, flash sale, performance for the daily "special offer" and "flash sale" activities, the concept of Woot.com since July 2004 after the line began to pop up in the second half of 2006, the flash sales site to more than 100, November 2008, 17 month old group purchase website Groupon valuation of $1 billion 350 million.

Fab was founded in June 2011, the month began to profit, before the line on the website had to follow the virus marketing tactics launch invitation registration mechanism: "as long as you invite 3 friends to join can have the priority right to enter, invited to the 10 can get 30 discount of 25 gold, you can get 50 points, 50 may get free shipping for 6 months. "


Fab specializes in high quality design, and other non flash purchase website commodity coverage, the Fab team believes the user experience, social network is the foundation of the website, make people happy, naturally there will be sales.

a month after the online site, the number of registered members of Fab reached 350 thousand, and in the A round of financing to obtain $8 million. At the end of 2011, Fab received $40 million in B round of financing.

in 2013 C round of financing, Fab has received 105 million and 15 million U.S. dollars, Tencent also participated. In April 2013, Fab bought the custom home company Massivkonzept, based in Hamburg, Germany, in an attempt to line up


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