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Focus on a year of webmaster nets, but also buy a sports car of their own!

ADMIN5 has become a thing will be done every day, look at other people’s skills, experience, experience their own Lenovo! Early to put his story out of Xiu Xiu, today QQ above the king gave me such encouragement! So I published · ·


introduce myself first! Was born in a rural family for 84 years, 96 years of junior middle school, the reason is poor at home! Many years after the implementation of the compulsory education, but I didn’t catch up! 99 years work out their family! Engaged in the occupation repairman, waiter, and as to send advertising! Now I believe that these are at the bottom of the social work experience is still my precious wealth! Is now working in a four star hotel manager! A monthly salary of 2500, self introduction to it, there is a general understanding on the line! That · ·


and the first to talk about the title, my car! Last year’s home, and a childhood friend I was born in the same year on the same day also go home! It should be the home for the new year is the biggest blow to me! That year, his performance is better than me, though my family is poor, but he is more poor than my home! Long did I handsome, this kid in Lijiang in recent years do not know how to engage in tourism, driving a sports car to go home!! but I always think that is the best effort, to wear a suit and tie in the village only white-collar class, in the glorious image of his car, is gradually by saying that! Ah, people than people die, goods than goods have to throw up over! Think on my 2500 salary, but also subsidize a university in Kunming’s sister all expenses, car, can only think in the dream to find a! Cut it short! Kill a crime, break it, go against heaven and earth, don’t do your conscience. Such a nice guy wants to make a fortune, it’s difficult! I see the vitality in the website!


website is 2000, just for the website system fool! Put on a funny picture show out, ha ha! Now I feel that was a little cute, a little ignorant! Because love website, so has been studied, from HTML to ASP, PHP. From the station to the entertainment industry, now his website has several! Involving entertainment, pictures, IT, portal, fans, games and so on! Do the most successful, I think it is my QQ to QQ home station – www.qzone52.com, because starting late, know too late! So began the construction of such the site in the previous year, far less than the other station, but through my efforts, now is a little color, from hundreds of IP to twenty thousand now IP, leaving the other station, to protect the ideal of my heart, my car also rely on it! ADMIN5 is a good where is the webmaster, especially to achieve the ideal goal of the platform, in the graph king’s help, my last month income show:

GOOGLE advertising platform, almost 900 knives a month, equivalent to RM>


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