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2013, web site optimization of the chain and content which is more important


now spark plan implementation, many webmaster are not sure, now the chain and content which is more important?. In the end, in 2013, the website optimization should take what route, perhaps many webmaster will with small series before wrote a "new optimization route: station inside the main, the chain as auxiliary" route. If the total score of 100 points, then you now give the chain and content respectively, how many points? Here Xiaobian are two kinds of play:

first: for new station

Baidu algorithm update, new content just built is more and more important, it can be seen from the Baidu pay more and more attention to the original content, though, but new sites also do not ignore the role of the chain, the chain can be very good to attract the search engine spiders to crawl your site information. So here I play for new sites, the content of the chain and the proportion of 70:30

second: for old station

if it is the old station, then the old station must have had a certain basis flow. At this time, strong quality content can get good rankings and traffic. Even so, we should do the proper quality of the chain. So here I play on the old station, the content and the chain ratio of 80:20

, whether new or old station content is particularly important, but anyway, the chain comes from the content, especially in this search engine comprehensive purification of the Internet era, but the chain can not be underestimated. The chain of rankings or have certain decisive role.

through the above we can see that here Xiaobian play the score, whether new or old station is the main content, these small series are considered in the long-term development of the site, if not from the long-term consideration, so the chain is very important, we know that the chain now is decisive some factors of the rankings.

actually small Xiaobian think content and the chain in the end which is more important, this also for specific site will be compared, different site type, the decisive factor is very different.

if it is enterprise site, you write more original content, all need to release their own chain;

If the

is great site user groups, even if not to write original content, as long as the content can cause the user’s desire to share it, so the chain will greatly increase, is not required to release the chain;


Xiaobian chain and content which is more important, the key is to specific sites for treatment, whether new or old station content and the chain is indispensable, is the so-called wine is also afraid of deep alley, if your content is good, so nobody knows, that is of no avail. The chain and content are paved with each other, no qualitative point of view that the content of the site is more important, or the chain. The optimization route is not the same as the only certain, different site class >


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