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The core of local news network break through the repetitive news and move towards innovation

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operation of the local website, with the Baidu algorithm upgrade adjustment, many products, Taobao off site is down right, some of these webmaster also see the local website this piece of cake, so recently appeared a lot of local sites, the party information network development is more and more popular. Although the local news web site although increased, but the real can satisfy the user wishes website is still the past so much, we can open a lot of local news websites to see a news used by dozens of hundreds of web, ask this there is no news, no news of the characteristics of innovation can bring benefits for the local news information network operation

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information network of local news operations must not be able to leave the "news" of this axis, but the information network of local news station can get some features around this axis, such as a single news editor or hire their own operate their own independent news network, these are feasible below, we look at how to break through the information network of local news news repeatedly toward the road of innovation.

1, positioning single, using a single foothold based local news network

many of the local information network is holding the entire local flow thinking in operation, to know that this idea is not realistic, although local website cake has yet to be developed, but not to say that anyone can be a piece of cake in which I think small owners in time enter the local website should pay attention to the location, general location information network of local news can be divided into two categories, one is a comprehensive news, the two is a single news, I think the information network of local news wants to get out of the road will not be able to catch the general news, because the news is plagiarism website news, which should take the road of single news. Why do you say that,


1, the comprehensive news website has too many websites, the competition pressure is great, and many comprehensive news websites are established by local celebrities or organizations, and want to compete with them more difficult.

2, the development of comprehensive news network needs too much capital and manpower. For small and medium station owners, capital and manpower are the biggest problems.

3, a single news network starting point is low, more suitable for the future development of the site and the attraction of dedicated traffic, especially for small and medium owners.

two, the news content can refer to the content of the classification network

now in the Internet there are a lot of classified information network, and the network of information every day there are a lot of content, if you do a single news network, you can use them for some news, if you do is kind of real estate news, then every day there will be a lot of local real estate this information is the information, we can dig the news editor, for example a sell the house said the prescription which street to sell, the price is so much information, we can edit a new >


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