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Less than two and a half years to complete the 5 round of financing valuation of over $1 billion Uni

Miss young pig, graduate degree is high and cold space physics, in the first group purchase fire fighting…… These are the labels Liu Chuanjun had, but now he’s the biggest challenge is how to control the smooth beauty of the winter network.


U.S. Food Network founder and CEO Liu Chuanjun. Source: Vision China

how long does it take from 0 to unicorn, Liu Chuanjun’s answer is two years.


has been in autumn, he exposed skin or sun flushed face, and small arms in peeling. As a beauty dish network founder and CEO, he is often found in the fields, a few days before the interview, he made a trip to Shandong on the back of vegetable origin, sunburn.

his home in Yimeng Mountain, entrepreneurship early heart and passion are related to land. Before college, after school the pig is a fixed work of Liu Chuanjun. Pigs are not captive, he often took a dozen heads in the mountains for food, but also to the pig named one by one. Do not eat pig feed, feed less grain, more than and 400 days from cub to slaughter. Liu Chuanjun has been on the brood on sale price and ordinary pork, "almost, I feel particularly unreasonable, two times, three times the price should be."

in recent years, the electricity supplier of agricultural products become tuyere, entrepreneurs from different angles quickly influx. China Electronic Commerce Research Center statistics show that in 2014 the scale of China’s e-commerce market is about 22 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 96%. Nelson forecast shows that in 2018 the market size is expected to more than 150 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of up to 50%.

Liu Chuanjun is also in it. In 2013, he resigned as vice president of Wo Wo Group group purchase website, in June second American food network was established. Select the United States and the United States and vegetables B2B model, procurement, warehousing, logistics and distribution are all to do their own.

any air all cannot do without the capital to compete, beauty dishes attracted Xu Xiaoping, Lei Jun et al. Attention to two and a half years time to complete the D round of the angels to the 5 round of financing, valuation of more than $1 billion, become a unicorn.

but the industry’s feast is over soon. Last March, a group of data China agricultural fresh electricity development forum have been repeatedly cited: 2015 National more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier companies, only 1% of profits, 4% flat, 88% losses, the remaining 7% is a huge loss. Into 2016, the situation is still grim. Layoffs layoffs, news and other companies have continued to spread.

how do you spend your winter?

hard start

each year in September 1st, Liu Chuanjun was defined as the company’s "pain points"". The day of primary and secondary school, is one of the most traffic jam in Beijing.

Liu Chuanjun remembers that September 1, 2014 is a Monday, and there is a mid autumn Festival


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