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Talk about how to analyze a soft text in the false ingredients

believes that friends who like to read blogs on the Internet all have a headache. They often see soft text. Sometimes moved true feelings to see, but in the end, only to find the article in the "suspicious" point, the heart will feel depressed, intolerable. My feelings are very deep, how to identify, in order not to waste their feelings, please see below, is a typical soft, let us go to the analysis of the false components in brackets which are soft, personal opinions. We all have our own ideas and we can comment on what they think is wrong.

from a graduate employment of unemployed college students to the personnel director of a large garment factory to start their own business selling clothing, annual turnover of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the boss (the title is well written to say most people hope, give people the feeling to read and see what kind of experience in a small Xu) two years, a lot of people achieve the elusive goal. Clothing industry in the financial crisis can be said to be affected by the larger industry, however, in this form, Xu seized the opportunity to create a wealth of different marketing methods. There is nothing to go deep into doubt.)

manufacturers direct purchase, guarantee supply

In addition to the style of

clothing, the most important thing is the quality, therefore, in the supply of goods, those who preferred those large clothing processing plants. These factories are for some famous brand clothing processing, often there will be some residual. Each processing a batch of clothing after the poop because of a little flaw will be disposed of processing factory, the cost price is also cheaper than the price even. Xiao Xu in these factories purchase, can save a lot of cost than others. (see here, everyone will think, I wrote well, and said is right, as long as those who seize the affordable passage, want to make money is not difficult. Not really. The big factories usually have their own poop treatment department, some just call right away, come away, because the quality can be guaranteed, the big traders do long-term Weihuo can miss this opportunity, a capital shortage of people and how to compete with them. Of course, do not deny that there are those departments handling poop business minded people to persuade the factory. Let’s go on)

select men to reduce the risk of goods

for clothing, the most feared is pressing the goods. Once a style of clothing does not sell well, resulting in inventory backlog, it will hinder the flow of cash flow, especially for small clothing stores, cash flow is more important. Therefore, Xiao Xu chose a more traditional commercial casual men’s clothing, relative to women’s clothing, men’s style is relatively fixed, not easy to date, as long as the quality is good, generally worry about selling. Unlike women’s clothing, every year a paragraph, accidentally will cause a backlog, it is easy to lose money. Men’s style of relatively fixed, but also let Xiao Xu confident to provide customers with unconditional return, you can further establish a good image. (this is a good market analysis, the actual sales chain is indeed the case. But the details are worth reading. Menswear is easy to wear out, but it doesn’t mean it’s not outdated


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