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QQ station, 18 hours of deus ex GOOGLE included

QQ station in view of the strong popularity, so the night before I made a QQ website to become QQ webmaster have thousands on thousands of a small station, my new QQ station is how to make the station within 18 hours to let Google included, here to talk about my battle three steps:

1, registered domain name:

domain name is registered at the beginning of the domain name QQCF8.CN, originally used to do QQ FireWire, there was no time, so now used to use.

advantage: in the domain name time problem, may occupy a bit dominant.

2, program production:

the night before yesterday, that is, 06-14 spent the night in the background plus seventy or eighty pages, 15 in the morning on-line, of course, do pay attention to the internal links, and a small amount of SEO.

points: originality of content. These seventy or eighty articles all through manual modification, and each have changed from the title to the content above, at least 25% changes, I think this is GOOGLE so quickly included an important reason. Must not be able to ignore the quality and quantity.

3, external links:

a, 15 noon at an old station of my article, in the article on the new station link;

B, in addition to Baidu post bar, also left my link;

C, in the West Temple forum Student Edition, published a soft, leaving new link;

D, in Baidu know to leave the link, pay attention to appropriate questions, don’t blindly for link and answer, otherwise, even if added, will soon be deleted;

e, in the BBS message, by the way to leave your own signature with a connection.

note: the chain must be excellent targeted, in the sale of tractors on the site to leave your link is meaningless.

15 late at night, spiders lead the visit, to sixteen am, Google officially included 98 pages, more than 90% of the basic page included, at this time from the new station online less than 18 hours.

just went to 51yes and looked at the statistics. The IP yesterday also reached 103, and it was also a great achievement.

also affirms that individuals think that from a long-term perspective, sitemap plays a very important role in search engines.

article from: webmaster nets (www.qqcf8com) reference details: http://s.qqcf8.cn/qqzhan.html, please leave a link.


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