To be a station, learn to be a man first

very interesting title, people only after experiencing some setbacks, only to find that before listening to the old saying is so true,.

Wang Yongqing left

, so many people put the old man before saying out chewing, "to do prior life, may not be the original Wang Yongqing, but at the moment but let me think, to do the original station, must first learn to behave. Is not" pull the banner, pull the tiger, with a headline frighten people. I thought that work is done, do not think, practice is everything, but now I know, no result is the most important thought is not mature.

station, it is difficult to make money, earn a lot of money, it is extremely difficult, always feel that now young people should look at those little less to sell the site Jiqianwanjiyi story, a two sustain entrepreneurial passion is good, only a little damage, always see others scenery, you stay up late every day to do. To say that there is no gap that is false, but who are so over. A few years ago I was watching Kijiji (now people nets) boss Wang Jianshuo wrote the English blog, he said every one, I think this guy really cattle, was busy, did not see how a few days ago, the online search Lou, an eye, or found every day, regardless of the weather, that call one admire, together, 6,7 ah, this guy from a Microsoft employee to build Kijiji, married, came all the way, sometimes I think, we have what reason to complain, what is the reason that God is not Given the opportunity, the opportunity is always in front of you, 6 years ago, you insist on writing a blog, you registered short domain name 10 years ago, not developed, could raise a family and paste or can. Another 5 or 10 years, maybe we still regret not seize the opportunity to do a mobile phone on the website what.

words to say, but to insist on doing something, especially do not see the return time to do one thing, very hard, always want to take a shortcut, people have this character, and later found that this relationship, and thinking of the mature life, work, family is one of the people the relationship, family relationship, work in the business, business is a little slow cooked out, not urgent, sometimes said to know a new friend, just start to feel very good, very personal, but not lasting, not falling intact, things are the same, every day, quietly, a little bit progress, without interference, to learn.

will be able to form, condensed into one of the fighting, you say you good enough, the team is not enough, make the event to personal ability, interpersonal relationship, comprehensive accumulation of personal brand, and even if you say you are very happy family, may not be able to secure work.

predecessors, words and deeds, I always forgetful, now know to listen to opinions. Get criticism.


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