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Support B2C website operation evaluation system and user experience Tongyuangongliu two elements

domestic B2C website B2C industry or Tmall, emerge in an endless stream, hold the leading position of the Jingdong store. Many B2C site promotion staff often mention user experience, indeed, the user is a decisive factor in determining the development of the site. We do website promotion, do SEO optimization, in the final analysis or running flow to go. Only users recognize our website, the conversion rate will naturally be able to go up. Success in the B2C website, I think there is an important point, is the trust platform not to ignore the user, like Tmall, Jingdong and other shopping platform, users buy goods largely on sales and user evaluation system considering the results of the two. Now a lot of commodity sales quantity also has moisture, user evaluation has always become the user to buy a reference factor. For how to get the user’s trust, I have a few points to note:

(1) site needs to provide evaluation platform, and for the construction of the platform, not only need to monitor, but also need to guide.

many immature B2C site may have bad evaluation of the user to delete cleanly, but for consumers, such a commodity is not only good faith, but this approach is not conducive to the trust of users on the website of the. What consumers really want to see is a comprehensive and objective evaluation. Of course, without a certain amount of regulation, the user’s comments become very cluttered, and such information can hardly be used as a drive for users to buy goods. Moreover, if a commodity has been biased by many users, poor evaluation is even more unfavorable. Therefore, this platform needs special personnel to maintain, just like many forums have moderators duties, to monitor the speech act in the forum, delete spam. In the evaluation of the message is particularly small, the need for effective guidance, to enrich the evaluation of commodities.

(2) shortens the user’s shopping process.

many people choose online shopping because online shopping is easier and easier to buy than the entity store. Of course, the overall architecture of the site needs to provide such an easy, smooth shopping experience. Many complex, repetitive operations will only make users feel that the site is not professional, I believe an immature website, users are no reason to trust and shopping. Therefore, the B2C website’s internal chain construction is very important, to ensure that the site’s shopping process is smooth and clear.

B2C website product classification to consider the user’s point of view, not only consider the professional division of the industry. Allow users to reduce unnecessary clicks and operations, so that the user’s shopping process is simple and easy to achieve. And the need to return the operation of space, as far as possible to consider the user’s various operations, to avoid users in the bug after the operation without rules.

(3) website sales service system should be professional.

combines pre-sales, sales and after-sales service three closely, can not drop the chain. Some sites can not operate, the key point is that there is no end, did not recognize that the process is actually a cycle process. A lot of B2C small >


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