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Optimization experience of Enterprise Station

now almost every enterprise has its own web site, and some sites do very beautiful. For an enterprise station, it is important to seize the customer registration form, some will spend a lot of money to find the SEO company to optimize, and some use some cheating means to improve the rankings and traffic.

I built a business stand fast 2 months, summed up some experience, once issued an article "enterprise station" but many people feel that the diagnosis keywords do mess, which does not contain any summary, we looked very tired or cannot read today so sit down again and summarizes some experience to share with everyone!

1. site navigation and main content, do not use FLASH and JS technology, general use of text.

2., the most important thing is that the site must have content, collection, you can try to make some changes, but the best thing is original, in favor of search engines included. (personal feelings, original, included soon!


3., in addition to as far as possible without the premise of FLASH pictures hungry not too much, and pictures to add ALT tags, ALT tags generally bring some keywords, to search ranking is good.

4., the description and keywords of each page should not be exactly the same, but the content should revolve around the key content.

5. completes the station map on own website, is advantageous to the engine spider, can go to the GOOGLE website to submit the website map.

6., but also pay attention to the density of keyword pages, do not pile too much, suspected of cheating.

7., and one of the things I’m doing right now is switching links, linking words to keywords.

8. mentioned second points in front of the content, often updated later is a must, can not be updated every day at least once a day.

site name: Zhejiang Beijing | sticker printing Printing Co.,

web site address: http://s.zjysgs.com.cn

author information: Lin Zhiyuan, net name linzhiyuan, QQ:282455950, SEO exchange group: 34434809 mailbox: [email protected], this article is original, please retain this copyright information when you reprint, thank you for your cooperation! ~~

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